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The Government That Ate America

Paul453 Wrote: Jan 01, 2013 10:13 AM
We have few in our government that have any back bone, the only thing government has in mind is how to get more of OUR money and more control, these GOD less people are for world power and we don't even come in second or third place. When will all the people in the USA who have SELF RESPECT realize what is going on?
What's this? Joe Biden in weekend conversation with Mitch McConnell over how to step back from the fiscal cliff? Isn't Biden the man in charge of solving The Gun Problem? How does he have the time or energy -- not least the ideas -- to launch another rescue mission?

Apparently he had none of these. Not much came, reportedly, of the Biden-McConnell negotiations. One is struck anyway by an infinitely larger question -- how did we as a society, as a nation, get to this point: wrapped in suspense while the government of the United States works out, or...