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To Ess-- YES, Chuck did indeed serve! As did I for 20 years and Chuck is spot on. If we trust them for our very freedom with weaponry, we ought to trust them with the judgement when it comes time to protect the innocent with armed force.
Actually they ARE being true to the teachings of Islam. It's in thier book of supremacy and conquest.
Christians being led like sheep for the slaughter. The Bible in Revelations says this will happen in the last days. We are fast approching them.
Thank you Chuck for writing about this travesty. Like you, the Air Force was my chosen profession for 20 years and never prohibited freedom of worship. But they do now. It breaks my heart.
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The Problem Is Liberalism, Not Racism

Paul4474 Wrote: Mar 31, 2014 6:49 AM
Excellent article Star! Why they refuse to acknowlege their utter failure in policies that keep the Black man down is beyond me--I tally it up to corruption taking advantage of the unknowing people they represent.
Just read the NYT. No mention of their either. Just spike the bad news. Typical.
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Random Thoughts

Paul4474 Wrote: Feb 11, 2014 9:22 AM
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What Is Your 'Back 16 Japan'?

Paul4474 Wrote: Feb 11, 2014 8:07 AM
Excellent inspiring article regarding the risk he took! Thank you Chuck for telling us the inside story. Those who dare, win!
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Viewing Cultural Collapse at Cannes

Paul4474 Wrote: May 31, 2013 8:24 AM
I hear Debbie does Dallas in up for next year's awards.
Good quality sarcasim, Loyal!
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