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Obama - Shrinking Government Easy as Pie

Paul408 Wrote: May 21, 2012 11:35 AM
Doesn't include the "job retraining" programs, of which there are over 300 now. In 2009, the number he was so desperately searching for (and I'm sure it's gone down significantly now) was $.126. In other words, of every dollar you and I send to the bloated government, 12.6 cents would get to the actual recepient. There was a total of 87.4% overhead. If a charity organization gets to the 50% mark, they're declared a fraudulent organization by their state's attorney generals. And yet, our governemnt throws so much money away..... In the 1990's the federal government took over a "house of ill repute" and operated it for a few years. Then it failed. If they can't run a brothel, how can they be trusted to run anything else?

Every so often, an article crosses your desk that makes you feel like you’ve been hit between the eyes with a sledgehammer. Even if you have a solid understanding of the topic, and you notice that the facts at hand match your previous suspicions, somehow you still have to keep a grip on yourself because it is so staggering. That is what happened to me while reading Michael Tanner’s recent report for the Cato Institute on the American welfare system.

Tanner is a recognized expert on our welfare system, having written two books on the subject during the 1990’s, when people...