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Rubio's Immigration Strategy Worked Brilliantly, But Disappointed Many

Paul3686 Wrote: Jul 03, 2013 11:14 AM
Why are laws regarding "building the fence" mentioned so often when the immigration laws regarding a fence along the border have been in the books for decades? It's just more BS now than it was when they were put in the books... and not one damn session of congress has put those laws in place. They've simply opened the border wider for more illegal aliens to step over it for their free welfare we taxpayers are "presenting" to them through our 'guvmunt'. Every one in government today needs to be booted out of DC. Why? They let Barry usurp the Oval Office without question when it's obvious he isn't a natural born citizen and no one in congress questioned the issue. They gotta go, folks, if we're going to keep the "good ole USA".