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Its way past time the 'race card' should have been flushed down the commode. Why are people of both races still using it to expose their ignorance?
You gotta be kidding. They don't want those men pointing the facts, they want the BS to keep the racial issue in the picture 'fast and running'.
Throw the point the government has taken over "control" of the way a parent can 'punish' a misbehaving child. The government is the masters of the people today, not the [servants] they're elected to be.
Police seem to be "brutal" only to criminals committing a crime. They should learn they can avoid that "brutality" by being law abiding citizens.
The Republican party has that many idiots? I hope they wake up before the sleep over too long.
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A Year of Anniversaries

Paul3686 Wrote: Jan 01, 2015 8:34 PM
We can hope Mr. Sowell, but it will never happen.
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Bush, Romney, Cruz, Paul, Perry or ?

Paul3686 Wrote: Dec 29, 2014 9:12 AM
Please, none of the above. We need someone interested in the nation and we the people, not themselves and their government party.
What do you expect with a communist in the Oval Office?
What came down in Cuba first was the takeover into communism by Castro when JFK was in office in the early 60s. Reagin was in office in the 80s..
To compare Reagan and Barry will be interesting. Let's see when the Castro's "open the door" for Cuba.
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