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A constant 5-4 decision tells us what party our Supreme Court "agents" represent, doesn't it? Why isn't it constitutional to limit the money a candidate is seeking to represent from those citizens only? A Senator is not constitutionally representing industries or corporations, the are campaigning to represent the citizens of the state they are campaigning in. The same holds true with the Representatives and the President of the nation. To be "paid" by a corporation or industry, they are being bought out.
Wish all you wish, me boy Mac. What make you so out of touch you don't think you can be "crushed"? I believe you match your buddy Barry in 'yu un's' egoistic attitudes.
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My Problem With the Republican Party

Paul3686 Wrote: Mar 10, 2014 3:39 PM
The Republican party? How can you tell any difference between the Republic[rats] and Dumbolecraps? They're too much like twins to tell any difference.
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Obama Decides To Let Ukraine Fall Apart

Paul3686 Wrote: Mar 10, 2014 3:33 PM
Decides? What's to make anyone think he was thinking about coming to their aid?
Reginald, if you're like me you enemy wouldn't want to see you cry. When I started crying as a young man it was "Katy bar the door" for the man that had made me so damn mad.
Wasn't Billy Boy in office when our jobs started moving to China, jimbo? Wonder how much he got paid for them.
You're wasting your time in calling congress, mpolland. Name one member of congress that has raised the question on Obama's constitutional eligibility. None. They have to be in the 'game' with him. His takeover will give them careers with all the power they want... at our expense. And, by the way; Obama is not our president because he isn't a natural born citizen of the US. It is highly questionable if he is even a naturalized citizen. By the laws of 1961, with his mother's age, he was a British subject at birth, regardless of whether he was born in Hawaii or Kenya. He could not even get a dual-citizen status.
I'm afraid you're right, Marie. Back in 2009 I wrote my senators asking why the Senate held a special session to question John McCain's constitutional eligibility but didn't question Barack Obama on his constitutional eligibility. I never heard from one (Bob Corker), but the other (Lamar Alexander) wrote me stating he was "investigated" and was eligible. I wrote back asking where they had gotten that information and why it wasn't passed down to the public that would obviously want to know. I'm still waiting for an answer.
Sorry John, but the US "guvmunt" has raised the incompetent "leaders" of today according to their specifications instead of their parents raising them according to [their] specifications... and hopefully you see the results and are looking for a way to go back to the family raising method..
I would consider voting for him right now if he was constitutionally eligible to run for the office, but he isn't. Born in Canada with a Cuban father and American mother doesn't make him a natural born American citizen anymore than Barry Soetoro's British subject father and American teenage girl.
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