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No the hook they have that hook in the middle of their backs they have been swinging on it like a side of beef for that last year or more.
You are not the only one that thinks that, there are many in CALIF that would like to see her locked up in a rubber room loaded up with some Haldol or something like that, she needs to be in a straight jacket.
he's a ship without a rudder. going in circles.
He just maybe with the flat earth people as well, But you know if you look at things from the deck of a boat everything does look flat but does that mean they are of course not. This prof is talking through his nose. He may want to believe in man made global warming but does that mean it is true and the answer to that one is a resounding NO! This prof is only taking his notes from bad old al gore who want everyone to think that in the next 5 years the planet is going to be flooded when all the ice melts, well you know he said that back 2003 that all the polar ice would be gone by 2011, well guess what it is still here and thicker than ever.
Considering that there has been more sea ice and pack ice the last two winters than in the previous 30 years. then there is that research ship that is stuck in the ice down in Antarctica and has bee there since sometime in December, A person can scream that the place is getting hotter when the place is really cooling off, The thing is global warming deal has stalled almost 20 odd years ago.
I remember when the paddle was used in schools it stopped a lot of stuff from going on back then that we are seeing today. I say bring back the paddle AND USE IT on kids that cause trouble.
Yeah gotta make those hammer owners register them they might go off and start nailing people to the floor or to the walls. I have a few of them myself well I guess I am going to have to have a back ground check done so I can keep them HA HA HA.
THIS TPP will all but eliminate our borders and all but force out manufacturing over to other countries. IT WILL MAKE THIS NATION EVEN MORE DEPENDENT for the products that we need.
IF the TPP is rammed down our throats like obacare was then this country is going to be in a for a major load of hurt, what that SO called treaty does is it eliminates our boarders all the way around. It also sets things up so that ALL manufacturing HAS to be outsourced to other countries. IT ELIMINATES OUR MANUFACTURING BASE and makes this country even more dependent on other countries.
To the liberals it is all about the warm fuzzy feeling that they get from ideas like these.
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Armed Texan Intervenes in Mugging

Paul237 Wrote: May 01, 2014 10:26 AM
Yeah they should have made him suffer at least an hour or so.
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