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Almost Half of America on Welfare

Paul237 Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 9:23 AM
When it comes down to it the dictator bamba boy wants everyone on welfare so he can say that he is helping the people instead of keeping them down in the dumps.
Even the QUEEN of England acts better than the cow known as killery does. With the things that she is demanding one would think that she is better than any one else in the world. When it comes down to it and she is standing before the judgement seat she is the one that is going to be doing all the bowing and everything else that she is demanding of all others. When it comes down to it she is nothing but an arrogant self centered evil demon loving person. She mean hateful and spiteful. she deserves nothing that she wants. All the colleges AND universities should just tell her to go and take a flying leap off a very high cliff.
The creature known as Obamba declared himself to be a DICTATOR when he gave that speech saying that he had a pen and a phone, Well now we know what he meant by that off handed remark. The thing in the W/H has been acting like a dictator all along and he needs to be stopped, to bad that boehner the wiener does not have what it is going to take, he even said that even though the constitution says to impeach he is not going to. The mud-slime dictator that we now have IS going to do something between now and election time just watch, he IS going to try to wither stop the elections or he IS going to impose martial law.
I have done that myself once or twice.
Mikey bloombug needs to crawl back in the hole that he crawled out from, he is a pox on this country that needs to be done away with I think there is a vaccine for that.
Have them in full uniform right down to the packs and gear.
Another park that needs to be shown the power of the dollar. when people stop going there because of what they did then they might have to rethink what they are doing that is wrong. The military in general needs to stop going to these parks in protest of what they are doing, many years ago I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain and was told that wearing a shirt with the American flag on was not allowed but yet the mexicow flag was okay.
There are tech schools out there that cater to the black community and yet they still do not want to do anything for themselves, on the other hand there are black MEN out there that are damn good at what they are doing such working on ships and yachts, there are also some good aircraft mechanics and marine diesel mechanics both are very high paying jobs.
there are a great many black people that have been very successful in what they are doing but that was how long ago the kids of today just want an instant fix for everything and they are not willing to work for it, all too often they just go out and get on welfare or some other type of government program, and then they complain about how bad things are. Well they make things bad for themselves and then they choose to blame everyone else for their problems. If government would just get out of the way many of these kids just might be able to get some work and then they can make things on their own. There are black MEN out there that are good at working with wood and materials like that but the kids they do not want to work and that is part of the problem they just do not want to work for what they get, they would rather just take what they want for whoever they want.
Leftest and liberals are nothing but a blight on this country.
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