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The deal that harry reid and sons have made is worth billions not just for the so called solar farm but for the minerals that are there as well, you can bet that somewhere down the line a strip mine will open and then the solar farm will go away.
If you look around the area all the other ranchers have been forced out by the very government that you are defending and standing up for. Bundy's family has owned that ranch that he is on for the last 140 years or more look it up if it has not been purged by the government.
Whatthis has done is to set things up for a range war and from there it will go to a full civil war and things are headed that way and it is going to be moving fast very fast.
At this time we are on a fast track to a full on civil war in this country and the dictator wants that so he can impose his version of martial law so that he finish his dream of disarming the people of this country.
The one in the W/H has all but declared himself to be a dictator when he said during the state of the union that he has a pen and a phone and that he will go around congress and the senate whenever he wants. He has signed more executive orders than any other person in that office has in the last 100 years, so far that number is up around as of last count around 2,000, so we are all but living under a dictatorship at this time. We are also in a defacto police state don't believe it just look around at the way things are being done and the types of equipment that his dictator has given to the police, we are talking full on military equipment, they were even given tanks in some areas.
The ranch that Bundy is on has been in his family for over 140 years, this all started over the grazing rights and if you took the time to look it up you will no doubt notice that all the other ranchers have been forced out of the area, Bundy is the last man standing on this piece of range, this is not about range land it is about money. harry reid's son made a deal with china to build a so called solar farm there but with all the minerals that are in the area it is more likely to be use for a mining operation.
Read the article where harry reid says that this is NOT over that there will be blood shed.
It was prompted by harry reid, who want that land for ha ha ha a solar farm for china but there are minerals there that are worth billions to china so expect in the next few years the biggest strip mine to open in that area.
They are and have been pushing because that is the only way they are going to get what they want, and that is either full on martial law so they can go door to door and take everything that even looks like a gun or they are pushing for a full on civil war which either of the two have already started. The government has been going after law abiding AMERICANS for the last number of months this includes AMERICAN companies like Aries Armory and USA brass, They are doing this to shut down the gun companies and those that make ammo. The government has been buying ammo by the 100s of millions of rounds and stockpiling it for the day when the civil war breaks out. All that ammo that they have is not for use in foreign combat but for use on the people of this country. You don't buy hollow point ammo for practice.
You took the words right from the tips of my fingers. The dictator makes some of the worst criminals look like choir boys.
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