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And it is only going to get worse in the next year, obamba/satan is doing all he can to put Christians in their place which is well down on the ladder with i-slam at the very top of the ladder.
Well what do you think they run one of their power plants on? that's right dead babies.
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America at the Tipping Point (Part 3)

Paul237 Wrote: Sep 16, 2014 10:42 AM
I think Chuck Norris would be a good candidate for president, He is smart he knows what many of the problems are in this country and he has some good ideas on hoe to handle things.
Good idea and so they don't get a bad sunburn they can land on the dark side HA HA HA.
There were records set back in the 30s and early 40s that have yet to be broken, and some of those temps would make the people today just melt because they were so high, temps up to as high as 121 degrees in Steel, North Dakota. The facts are out there all you have to do look for them. Or you can read the book ECO-TYRANNY, it even has a section in the back where the writer got the info from. I checked the info myself and it is accurate.
Read the book ECO-TYRANNY By Brian Sussman It is a good read and it has facts and figures in and at the end of the book it has the info on where he got that info from. Climate change or global warming is all from the communist Manifesto.
There were temps set back in the 30s that still have not been broken today here some of those for instance weather temps for back then, 110 degrees in Millsboro, Delaware, on July 21, 1930. 118 at Keokuk Iowa, on July 20 1942 and Steel, North Dakota hitting 121 degrees July 6, 1936. These temps have yet to be broken even today. Gore tried to say that these temps don't count because it was before they started tracking the temps, well they do count and are there in the records. A few years ago a Man by the name of BRIAN SUSSMAN wrote a book called ECO-TYRANNY that has facts and numbers in it. If you go and look through what UN agenda 21 has to say about what they are doing you will find out that this global warming or climate change stuff are all written into agenda 21, as well as what to do about the people. Get real this climate change stuff has been going on for EONS, IT IS CALLED WEATHER.
Considering that al the global warming gpre said back in 2002 that the Arctic ice as well as the Antarctic ice would be totally gone by the year 2013 and what do you know it is thicker now than what it was at the time he made those remarks.
What do you expect from the demonrats that infest the place.
The only thing I can say is I hope the New Madrid fault zone erupts and turns chicago into a smoking pile of junk.
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