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Gee I thought his library was an outhouse about 10x10 give or take.
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So what you are saying is that the manager is right for kicking this VETERAN out just for having a service dog
Way off topic
Make that twice.
A few years ago a climatologist by the name of Brian Sussman wrote a book called ECO - TYRANNY the book is good it rips this climate change stuff to pieces. it is full of info and there is plenty in the way of info in the back of the book.
The thing is you are right, right now there are something like 15 or 20 volcanoes that have either gone off or are going off at this time, last year there were some 90 to 110 volcanic eruptions and this year that number is even higher, but these stupid climate change idiots will not look at those numbers. Just one volcano can throw as much stuff in the atmosphere in one day than the whole of the USA can in a year.
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Those so called climate experts are running around trying to figure things out so it will be some time before they get back to you, but you are right about the points in your post. They also said that the polar bear would ne gone by this summer because there would be no ice for them to walk on.
Just like gore said that the polar ice caps would be totally gone by last year maybe the year before, but in the last couple of years we have seen the biggest ice fields in over half a century. So much for al the global warming gore.
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