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Rush has got to make a living. That means controversy. Vote Republican or lose.
If the Tea Party separates from the republican mainstream, you're guaranteeing decades of uncontested Democrat rule. It's a two party system. Pick one.
I'm pretty sure that Dr. Krauthammer didn't use the terms "lawless, despotic Marxist" or "urinating on the Constitution" but I agree with your sentiment.
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Obamacare's Fraudulent Incentives

Paul224 Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 3:14 PM
How will Obama be convicted by the Senate if the House impeaches him? You need votes from 2/3 of the Senate to be able to impeach. Better that Speaker Boehner do something that has meaning instead of, as Blutarsky once said, a meaningless, futile gesture.
Ted Cruz is practically the only Republican that we could nominate that would cause me to vote third party in 2016 and I'm as conservative as they come. The difference is, I want to win the Presidency and Cruz can not do so.
It's about the next election, not the last one. You into that pork barrel politics, huh?
Essentially all major cities, especially the last four in contention for this convention, are Dem cities. Find a major city controlled by Republicans and get back to us, will you?
Finally, an intelligent reaction to this news. Remember, Cleveland is the largest media market in Ohio and Ohio is pretty much a toss up state in presidential elections. It doesn't take too many undecideds voting our way to win the state.
Hopefully, true blue Progressives (like you) will follow their heart and vote for their local Green Party candidate. Do it! You'll feel good about yourself.
Supreme Court Justice Obama is the difference. Or someone like him.
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