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About those Jews...

Paul1364 Wrote: Jun 30, 2012 12:47 PM
Rahimi doesn't have to look any further than his Muslim brothers in Afghanistan to find the source of the drugs. What a disingenuous farce! Glick is right about media bias. Media bias extends far further than their complete disdain for Israel and their vacuous lack of concern for Jewish people. Here in the US the mainstream media will often refuse to cover stories or even admit the truth about their political favorites. They love their agenda and party far more than they love their country or the truth or justice.

So it works out that Iran's vice president really hates Jews. In fact, he hates Jews so much that even The New York Times reported it. On Tuesday, the Times published an account of Iranian Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi's speech before a UN forum on fighting drug addiction in Tehran.

Rahimi claimed that Jews control the illegal drug trade. We sell drugs, he said, in order to fulfill what he said is a Talmudic writ to "destroy everyone who opposes the Jews."

He said that our conspiracy is obvious since, he claimed, there are no Jewish drug addicts.