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Wash Your Bags -- Or Else

Paul08 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 12:16 PM
We all know liberals would rather have human beings get sick than allow plastics bags to fill landfills. To liberals, their false god, the earth, outranks people, who God made a little lower than the angels. Of course, God made the earth for man, but He didn't create the earth to be worshipped.
San Francisco passed America's first ban on plastic bags in chain groceries and drugstores in 2007. In a research paper for the Institute for Law and Economics, law professors Jonathan Klick and Joshua Wright crunched state and federal data on emergency room admissions and food-borne illness deaths and figured that the San Francisco ban "led to an increase in infections immediately upon implementation."

They found a 46 percent rise in food-borne illness deaths. The bottom line: "Our results suggest that the San Francisco ban led to, conservatively, 5.4 annual additional deaths."

So is San Francisco's bag ban a killer? Conceivably, yes, but probably...