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Tying the Knot With 'Big Daddy'

Paul08 Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 6:22 PM
I blame churches that don't practice church discipline. Churches should clearly teach that all sex outside marriage is SIN and hold their congregation, including the pastors and church elders, to account. If it is known that a church member is living in sin, they should be rebuked and if they refuse to repent and live by God's standards they should be told not asked to leave. The only way to change the culture is from the pulpit. It is time time for pastors and ministers to be shepherds of the flock and not hirelings.
My son, age 42, finally got married. His bride, in a shimmering turquoise maternity dress, walked down a red carpet with rose petals scattered by his 8-year-old twin nieces, to join a cantor who sang the Jewish blessings under a chuppah, a canopy held by a man on each corner, in a quasi-traditional wedding ceremony.

The bridegroom broke the traditional glass under his foot, the guests cheered, and a jazz combo struck up syncopated rhythms heralding the happy couple.

If that sounds more quasi- than traditional, the bridegroom gets credit for breaking through a social trend. More than 23 percent of...