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Don't bring up God when you mock him by supporting the vile idea of same-sex marriage. God will not be mocked and the United States is dead as a door nail.
Homosexual sex acts are physically flithy and causes the spread of diseases. Innocent people died from blood homosexuals polluted when they gave blood. What sober minded person would ever willing accept a blood transfusion from a man who commits sex acts with other men?
Yes, Barbara Crabb is a known lefty who has inflicted her flaming liberalism on the citizens of Wisconsin for years.
I wonder if all the PC crowd would be willing to get a blood transfusion from a homosexual? Remember the homosexuals poisoned the blood supply due to their vile deathstyle and caused thousands of people to die from AIDS due to polluted blood.
If all these phony conservatives would have been around in 1776 they would have been loyalists to King George the Third. The phony conservatives who are really statists at heart only care about being loved by the evil rulers in Washington D.C. Political correctness rules America with an iron fist. Cliven Bundy didn't advocate for slavery but those who are afraid of the race baiters run for the hills if Bundy or someone like him speaks ineloquently about the lives of Blacks in the United States of America in 2014.
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