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After 30+ years of disastrious Democratic rule now we're going to continue to invest. Good money should never follow bad monies. This is an endless money sump. Detroit should be turned into a museum whose theme should be 'failed liberalism'.
Huntsville, Eisenhower got us out of an intractable stalemate in Korea (started by Truman). Nixon had negotiated the Veit-nam peace treaty which concluded that war shortly after he left office, that Johnson had secalated and screwed up. This is not a "Republican' thing. Most Americans, Republican and Dems alike know that striking Syrai will yield nothing, and has the potential for excalation and unintened consequences. Yet again, the President (as he often is) is on the wrong side of the issue.
Judging from the polls, I trust the average American. It says that most Americans sense there is no critical American self interest (nation security, lasting economic impact) is met by an "unbelievably limited strike." This, failure of an administration has yet to explain the goals an an adequate justification. Comments are all over the place, and the public senses their inherent weakness. Again this administration is on the 'wrong' side of most Americans.
This has nothing to do with the Presidents brilliance and acumen. Rather this is a Russian initiative that serves to expose our weakened position in the Middle East. "Syria today "welcomed" an offer by Russia to put its chemical weapons arsenal under international control so that they could eventually be destroyed. Syria's statement came very quickly after the proposal was made by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in what he said was an attempt to avoid a U.S.-led strike on Syria. "We call on the Syrian leadership not only agree on a statement of storage of chemical weapons under international control, but also its subsequent destruction, as well as about the full accession to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons," Lavrov said in a statement to reporters." ABC News Mr. Putins government one upped this naive and incompetent administration once again. Fat of the matter is the strike as proposed would has been ineffective. Better to let things develop on their own. A significant majority of American's want nothing to do there, yet your 'brilliant messiah' is again on the wrong side of the issue.
I am four square against involvement inthe proposed strike. Too many unanswered questions and potential for unintended consequences, all of which can be bad for the U.S. After hearing some testimony yesterday, the message remains mixed and goals unclear. In the end the United States has no strategic or major economic interests in Syria. Better to toe the diplomacy and humanitarian line.
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