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Why Obama is 'The One'

pattibaby Wrote: May 08, 2012 8:10 PM
yes,he is the "one", that has put our beloved country into a $16 trillion debt,more than the totla of all the past presidents,shows no love for our country,neither does michell. he is a socialist,communist from day one,wants socilaism here,"god forbid".

In 2008 the Obama campaign made a big deal about how singularly unique (I know rhetorically repetitive--just like his campaign) then candidate Obama was.

He was "The One" who could take our post racial nation to a plateau of greater unity. He was "The One" who would leave behind the "bitter divisiveness" of previous administrations. He was "The One" who would create a greater tomorrow, by calling us to ALL be "one."

Without ever using the term "messiah" it was clear the campaign's effort was to make him as messianic a figure as possible. A strategy I was...