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Colorado Swings Towards Romney

pattibaby Wrote: Oct 14, 2012 2:56 PM
10/14/12: patti's notes: good news,ahead in fla,looks like ohio and heard this am, that because of biden'd actions at debate, independents are for romney. hip-hip-hoorah!! let pres and vp look likes fools,and quite sure world sees them same way. pl,orl,fla

LAIRD, Colo. – This small Great Plains town is the terminus of a journey across the Rocky Mountain State on U.S. 34, greeting travelers from Nebraska and bidding farewell to Coloradoans.

On either side of the highway stand two slightly oversized “Romney for President” signs.

In the distance, in a town boasting 47 people, a stone octagonal house sits forlornly, its former glory faded by neglect and the elements.

This highway and U.S. 36, passing through Jefferson and Arapahoe counties, give way to a state not at all like the one often envisioned, politically or economically, from afar.