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Coke has not fooled any true, patriotic Americans. They could have chosen any other song, yet they chose this one that is so close to the heart of this country. Immigration was always intended to be contingent upon assimilation and acquisition of English. Who's foolin; who here? It was NEVER intended to be a vehicle for subcultures to try to live here harmoniously, yet on their own - keeping their own languages, traditions, flags, etc.. Immigrants were expected to swear their allegiance to this exceptional country and keep their heritage as secondary. Not that hard to do at all. After all, it was good enough for our ancestors. Progressivism's main agenda is the breakdown of the nuclear family, traditional morals, national history and everything else we, as a nation, hold dear. Their goal is secularization and globalization. Big government where the elite rule and the masses are subservient. Anyone who cannot and will not see this needs to take off those blasted rose-colored glasses. Look no further than Paris, France or Dearborn, Michigan........assimilation working out there??????
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Is it Finally Over for Obama?

Patti147 Wrote: Dec 13, 2013 10:21 AM
Amen! De-grease and fumigate the entire place!!!!
Let me paraphrase for the boy king: " You can all keep your policies...............that is, until AFTER the 2014 elections..........and then, Americans, please bend over AGAIN".
Yep! Beat em' at their own game. Enough of this Mr. Nice Guy crappola. Fire Boehner. Gut the GOP and dump every single RINO on their a$$. Place into office only candidates who demonstrate constitutional principles. LIE if you have to! Why the hell not?! Lie through your teeth until you have them by the balls. Then, BAM! Smack em' with the good ole' American boot up their collective a$$! Yep, the only way to fight is fire with fire......NOW!.
I agree! They follow the political winds. It's all about the progressive agenda and they don't ever want to be caught with their pants down (although we know that MANY of them are often caught with them around their ankles!! They corner the market on perverts!).
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How Many More Nidal Hasans in Our Ranks?

Patti147 Wrote: Aug 30, 2013 10:54 AM
Don't hold your breath on THAT one. Sparky won't give up any of his Muslim bros! He is the poster child for usurpers! The insidious cancer eating away at the nation's sovereignty is within the walls of the White House (aka White Mosque). Take out the garbage in charge and all else will fall into place. No more anti-Americans in our armed services! Weed them out one by one!
EXCELLENT reply! Hats off to you, AKA. Put the moron in her place.
Nada, Sparky will exempt all his cronies, bundlers, etc.
The royal dolts!
Amen, Dr! I'd like to shove it down her deep throat!!!
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