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Thanks Byron York for setting the record straight! Everyone is pointing the fingers at everything other than the most obivous place - IT IS THE CANDIDATE, STUPID!! Republicans nominated a mushy, middle of the road, MA Moderate who stood for nothing after the I debate! The biggest issue that will affect the middle class - Obamacare was not eve brought up!! Another moderate, another loss! There is no surprise here... It is time for Tea Partyers, Conservatives & Liberatarians to start a 3rd party! There is no significant different between Dems & Republicans .....just look what is happening now with fiscal cliff!
Is anybody surprised? What is the point of voting for repulicans? They are so afraid of losing their Power that they will do anything that the liberals want them to do! I do not see any significant difference between repulicans especially the RINO leadership & the Dems. Tax increases will happen now & the cuts will NEVER happen! It is time for a 3rd party that stands for conservative principles. It is the only way to save this country! Greece fiscal disaster will be nothing compared to US....
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The Fiscal Cliff – Don't Jump!

patsfan68 Wrote: Nov 24, 2012 10:13 AM
It will be another smoke & mirrors with Republican caving in as the heat is turned up by the liberal media! Also, Boehner, Cantor, McConnell & Ryan (Go Check the record, he is shieded by the republican media! - same guy who talks big but toes the line with Boehner everytime!) do Not believe in real cuts! Have you ever heard any republican politican really tell the american public that there is No Cut But Just Lower Growth of Spending!! The reason is that they do Not want their hands tied when they are in charge of the goernment! Unless there is third party made of Tea Partyers & Conservatives.....there is No hope that the Debt problem will be solved.
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Rand Paul 2016?

patsfan68 Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 8:20 PM
His biggest enemies will be Republicans! As long as RINOs are in power - McConnell, Boehner, Rove & many republican columnists (those who write here too) will tear him apart...try to choose a "Chris Brutus Christie".....the entire Tea party & conservatives have to choose one candidate instead of splitting their votes. Otherwise, mushy moderate from blue state will be elected in the primary & another loss in the general elections. Time for conservatives & tea partyers to unite behind one candidate - only way to save this country.
Agree completley! We have to identify these frauds on the Radio & Fox news who do the same blind support for RINOs & republicans in power!
Another fraudulent column by the inside crowd in the republican press (no different from his brother!) who is supporting the republicans in power. Column conveniently ignores the fact that Romney got less republican votes than McCain! this happened in spite of Obama's pathetic record!! Romney was the problem --- Obamacare was Not even brought up... & Romney changed his position just before elections & posed as a conservative! First of all, we have to expose the frauds in the republican media who blindly support RINOs.
Does anybody remember Romney pounding Obama about Obamacare? No! Romney did not even bring up the biggest issue of our times - turning over one sixth of the economy to the government! Now it is up to the governors undo this monstrosity that will destroy the best healthcar & economy! We wonder why our candidate lost! Romney & other republican frauds are blaming everyone other than themselves! Republicans (elected & media) treat their voting blocs as idiots just like the Dems do! Time for a 3rd party to save this country!
It is nice to see these mainstream republicans coming around belatedly that Romney was a flawe candidate from the begining! The biggest winning issue we had against Obama was OBAMACARE! Romney could not even bring it up as Santorum & others suggested. Still he came close to beating Obama...can you imagine if the Republican candidate spoke how Obamacare is going to destroy greatest healthcare (including death panels!) & the economy...Republicans would have won in a landslide. These mainstream talk show guys & writers are avoiding this issue & blaming it on every other issue! IT IS THE CANDIDATE, STUPID! If we select more RINOS, same fate!
Thank you Sen. Cruz! With these comments, you made all of us who voted & supported you proud!! Nobody wanted to say the truth about Mitt - you nailed it! Everyone is protecting this MA moderate who was Not Significantly different in issues few months back & went back to his comfort mode after the first debate! I do not think he needed much pursuasion to go back to safe muddled stance after the first debate. With people like Ted Cruz in the senate, there is still hope for conservatives!
How come every republican talking head (including "always apologzing for the republican" Limbaugh") is giving the excuse that "elections have consequences"! I did not hear this from Reid when he said he will not cooperate with Romney! It is bad that the RINO republican leaders have no principles or guts but so called "conservative media" is already providing them cover! what is frustrating is that conservatives have Nobody in leadership fighting for their causes! Got to give it to the liberal leadership...they fight for their causes even in the face of strong opposition! When will republicans who will fight for the principles...time for a 3rd party!
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Where to Adjust, Where to Stand Firm

patsfan68 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 7:39 PM
Biggest issue is that the republican leadership is held by RINOs who have Zero conviction. Let us look at the leadership of Reid ---even before the results when Romney was leading, he said he will not cooperate with Romney. Boehner did not even wait for few days before he was spouting liberal media points that the president won & he is willing to do any type of compromise. Look at Pelosi, Shumer, tough they are while Boehner, Cantor, McConnel are spineless, power hungry, politicians. Unless there is a major change in the republcian party leadership, only way out is a 3rd party -Tea Party, Conservatives & Libertarians should agree on a common theme & strart something.
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