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The True Disciple of Saul Alinsky

patsfan68 Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 10:37 PM
Pat - it is sad to see even a straight shooter like you covering for the cowardice of republican leadership! REPUBLICANS MORE POWER HINGRY THAN DEMS! There is NO Other Reason for them to capitulate everytime --- Compare that to Dems...they stand on their prinicples! If the republicans voting masses do not understand this & get hoodwinked by RINOs again & again, we cannot blame anybody! Tea Partyers, Conservatives & Libertarians have to Unite to save this country first from Boehner & Co & then the liberals.
Col. West learnt the lesson for supporting Boehner! If there is NO revolt against Boehner, republicans need to become irrelevant!
Issa yes, Cantor & ryan are the biggest frauds....check their records ....do not go by rhetoric!
Calling out Ohio Republicans...how can you elect a guy like Boehner again & again!! He is destroying the republican party.... Tea Partyers in Ohio, please, put somebody against this fraud! Otherwise, conservatives need to get behind libertarians....am not going to be fooled by republicans again. Just voted for republicans ....thank God, I am from Texas....we do not have as many RINOs!
Let us put the blame on the RINOs like Boehner for the situation....am glad to see Jim Demint, a true conservative, calling out the house leadership - Boehner, Cantor & Paul Ryan (all frauds as conservatives)! The republican proposal is not a serious one either...it is a joke! Check out Heritage foundation comments on republican proposal! Paul Ryan is one of the biggest fraud on our side...talks big when it comes to action, he is RINO (check his record). What is irritating is that Dems are at least honest about their intention...Republicans on the other hand are hypocrites! It is time for conservatives to reject the republicans & start throwing their support behind libertarians!
Said it many times...Conservatives, Tea Partyers & Libertarians should unite on a common platform to elect a conservative in the republican primary. If this process does not work, it is time for 3rd party!! The country is already in the middle of biggest collapse & there is No time to waste on Republicans who are no different from democrats!!
Hope the conservatives get together (real ones Not frauds like Chris Christie, Paul Ryan (go check record ...republican trolls!) & choose one conservative ....Scott Walker, Kasich, Jindal, Paul ....not the retreads like Santorum, Gingrich etc....
Let us not forget that West got screwed by Repulicans!! He supported Boehner for debt celing increase....let us not forget it! Hope other conservatives learn their lesson.....RINOs like Boehner & Cantor cannot be trusted...their first goal is to eliminate the conservatives! If the RINOs are Not thrown out, Republican paty is doomed to fail again & again! It is time for a 3rd party!!
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Who's Afraid of the Fiscal Cliff?

patsfan68 Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 9:16 PM
Democrats are Not caving on their principles it is always the Republicans! What it shows is that Republicans much mor epower hungry than Dems & do not care about principles. The only solution for saving this country is to start a 3rd party ....Tea Partyers, Conservatives & Libertarians to have a common program. Voting for republicans is a wasted vote ..it is time to unite & have a 3rd party focused on solving the fiscal problems of the country! I hope Conservatives & Tea Partyers who voted for Republicans learnt their lesson! The bitter Truth is that Liberals are much more principled than weak spined Republicans - check the record! They are Not afraid to say NO to the President & stood thier ground!
Thanks Byron York for setting the record straight! Everyone is pointing the fingers at everything other than the most obivous place - IT IS THE CANDIDATE, STUPID!! Republicans nominated a mushy, middle of the road, MA Moderate who stood for nothing after the I debate! The biggest issue that will affect the middle class - Obamacare was not eve brought up!! Another moderate, another loss! There is no surprise here... It is time for Tea Partyers, Conservatives & Liberatarians to start a 3rd party! There is no significant different between Dems & Republicans .....just look what is happening now with fiscal cliff!
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