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And it's not just neo-nazis who deny the Holocaust....it's also some radical Islamists. And by the way, the interim superintendent in this district??......Muhammed Z. Islam...yep, that is his name. I'm not making this up.
You'd better keep researching, Suzanne. These were not "bottom up" but written by 5 people & pretty much forced on we the people who were not given a chance to look them over first. The CC people say they are "rigorous"...you call them "a floor"...which is it. No matter. In my opinion, (& I might add, the opinion of many, many parents) education should be as local as possible. And what about the data mining...you are either ignoring that or ignorant of the intrusion into family privacy.
Sadly, David F. You are the one that doesn't understand. Do some research into it and you will see why we are concerned. Look into the Data mining that is a part of common core because states "agreed" to do it when they accepted the Race to the Top $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Pearson publishing basically has a monopoly now on curriculum and local control is out the window.
I'm not sure how you can state that the federal government could "technically &legally mandate educational content to the states". The 10 th amendment does NOT include any reference to public education, so responsibility is left to the states. ALSO, it is in direct violation of 3 federal laws...NCLB/ESEA & the DOE Oraganization act, section 103 b & the General Education Provisions Act. All three state in similar fashion that the Feds cannot exercise direction, supervision, or control over the curriculum of any educational institution,school or school system.
When you listen to her, you can also hear the crowd cheering her comments...yes, many ( not all) gays feel this way. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/04/29/lesbian-activists-surprisingly-candid-speech-gay-marriage-fight-is-a-lie-to-destroy-marriage/
When did you go to school Jerome41? I can tell up that stuff IS going on in many universities today! Not only that but he didn't even talk about the garbage that is being fed to kids in high schools today & even in elementary schools about how wonderful Islam is & how bad America is.
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Even If Your Child Is Gay...

Patriotmom54 Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 10:14 AM
Dennis is exactly right. I have a child who is gay and I love this adult child very much. We have an excellent relationship. They know how we feel about homosexuality and about "gay marriage", but because we love and respect them as an individual, we continue to have a good family relationship. One doesn't have to give up their standards in order to have a compassionate and caring relationship with people who live in this lifestyle.
I have read several articles on this and there was NO mention that his genitals were "misformed" in any way. They took him to ONE psychologist who "confirmed" that he was indeed "transgendered" and now they're going with it. First of all, who wouldn't at least get a second opinion for crying out loud? And why would you not see a more qualified person...a psychiatrist perhaps who understands the science of the body as well as the mind. This poor child is basically being abused. What 4 year old says, "when are you going to take me to the doctor and change my parts to make me a girl"? ...only one who has an adult putting that kind of thought i their mind.
iMO Ravitch got tird of being a liberal on everything else but supporting (rightfully so) school choice. She couldn't take the dissonance while hanging out with her liberal buddies, so she caved in to them on Ed issues, too. Sounds like it's a lucrative move fore her. Wonder when she'll cave on being a capitalist & spread the wealth around?
Funny how these groups are concerned about these chemicals, but NOT honest about the reports in the many international studies showing that abortions--especially when done on young teens & ESP. Multiple times--is one of the causes of breast cancer. Yet Komen still gives the biggest abortionists of all time (Planned parenthhod) money for mammograms which PP doesn't even perform. They've admitted that they don't even have the machines.
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