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Religious Freedom on the Brink

patriotic vet Wrote: Sep 28, 2013 5:50 PM
We are allowed to kill our babies in our womb's under the provision of "It's my body'" Yet when we decline to participate in objectionable (but not murderous) activities with our bodies --- the full force of law tells us we can't control the use of our bodies and our labor. What's up with that? Religious liberty -- or the sacrament of liberals --" choice" -- should not be unequally applied to citizens. Forcing people to perform labor against their will used to be called slavery. The term seems appropriate today when the full force of government is being applied against workers who just want to follow their conscience.
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What We Learn from Raw Unabated Evil

patriotic vet Wrote: Jul 22, 2012 10:58 PM
Taking God out of the schools and the public square contributed as well. Mass murder does follow when man is not guided by the 10 commandments given to us by God. As secularism, humanism, and communism take over, more and more evil will exist in the world - you can count on it.
When there is an incident like this instead of trying to control gun ownership, there should be dialog about stopping the legal killing of humans ... through abortion and euthanasia. The evil of those activities permeates through society. It seems to be "easy" for some to kill the baby they never met...and the marginalized adults who can no longer fend for themselves. Similarly, this was killing of unknown, never met individuals who were unable to protect themselves. Stop the legal killing of the young and the old, and the rest of the killing will be reduced.
This fight to protect our constitutional unalienable rights (from our Creator) is past due. Forcing a church to provide a means to "disable" functioning human reproductive organs and taking the life of a very young child through chemical or surgical means is unconstitutional -- whether the Supreme Court got it right or not. As long as there is a dispute on the issue, all life should be granted due process per the 14th amendment. However, a "religion" shouldn't be allowed to do anything they like. Honor killings, killing of people who change religion, wife beating, sex with children, killing of victims for blood offerings, etc. must never be allowed in the name of religion.
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20 Only In America Ironies

patriotic vet Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 3:50 PM
Men are choosing -- but often it isn't a good thing for the woman. Murder is the most frequent cause of death for a pregnant woman. Many women who refuse abortions are killed -- some choice! Over 50 million American babies have been killed since abortion legalized = approximately 25 million girls Abortion enables abusers. Here are stories of the gruesome truth about abortion and how it is thrust upon women. http://www.afterabortion.info/petition/Forced_Abortions.pdf
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Our Disingenuous President

patriotic vet Wrote: Apr 02, 2012 5:54 PM
Obama is destroying our country. Vote Rick Santorum to put up a candidate that will change course and bring back American freedom, innovation and excellence.
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