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Bishops Stand Together, As Should We

patriotic vet Wrote: Jun 16, 2012 2:54 PM
This fight to protect our constitutional unalienable rights (from our Creator) is past due. Forcing a church to provide a means to "disable" functioning human reproductive organs and taking the life of a very young child through chemical or surgical means is unconstitutional -- whether the Supreme Court got it right or not. As long as there is a dispute on the issue, all life should be granted due process per the 14th amendment. However, a "religion" shouldn't be allowed to do anything they like. Honor killings, killing of people who change religion, wife beating, sex with children, killing of victims for blood offerings, etc. must never be allowed in the name of religion.

"We will not fail," Archbishop William Lori declared at the quarterly meeting of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Atlanta on June 13.

Tasked with leading a committee on religious liberty, the Baltimore archbishop's statement wasn't an empty boast but a supreme confidence. It wasn't a predictive assurance about the Obama administration's mandate on health insurance and abortion, or the Supreme Court's upcoming health-care ruling or the November election results but a reminder that his audience has weightier things on its mind: matters of a spiritual nature.

The peachy news out of the meeting was an unprecedented...