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MSNBC's Dumb & Dumber: #1 Problem In America: Alpha Males...Or Something

Patriotic Liberal Wrote: May 05, 2012 11:48 AM
JRG3***So here are two guys who obviously aren't alpha males who probably got made fun of for playing tuba, violin, or french horn in their high school bands. So now, given their frame of reference on the world, they're getting some pay back for all those times somebody made fun of them. What, are these guys still on the breast or what? If it wasn't for alpha males and females in all the careers, this country wouldn't have the money to support the luxury of their foolishness. Think boys!!!!!!*** C'mon, buddy, you can do better than concoct phony baloney narratives. I know it is fun to be macho, but try and control yourself.

WOW! I've been monitoring cable news for almost six years now and this segment is probably the dumbest piece of liberal deconstruction (read: psycho babble) that only a college professor or pothead would pretend to understand. Michel Foucault never sounded so rational after a six-minute dose of these two turds.

These "ideas" are always chic in liberal circles--especially on college campuses; they always bring a head nod and a chin grab.

I was hanging in there until the two-minute mark or so, after that, I simply watched them feed off of one another's idiocy. I know liberals like...