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Happy Anniversary! 3 Years Without a Budget

Patriotic Liberal Wrote: Apr 29, 2012 2:55 PM
I understand the Constitution just fine. Read it all the time, btw. You clowns are whining about there not being a budget. The Congress is appropriating, and it is accounting for those appropriations. It is just not being done within a conventional budgetary process. What you clowns are whimpering about is conventionality, not constitutionality. Hey, conventionality has its uses, which is why pervasive right-wing radicalism is so dangerous and stupid.

The Senate Budget Committee--well, the office of the Republican ranking member on the committee, at least--hasn't forgotten a rather important anniversary this weekend: today marks three years since the Senate Democrats haven't agreed to a budget.

Three years of spending with no budget .... wonder the havoc that's wreaked? Fortunately, the Republican Senate Budget Committee answered that question. Here's some stats they've compiled:

1096  –——————–  Days since the Senate majority last passed a budget