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Is This Land Is Your Land?

Patriotic Liberal Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 7:26 PM
You guys didn't know about that stanza? Well, Guthrie was a dreamer, a little mental, but a great American even so..
Gotta go. will check on this thread tomorrow. bye..
..the private debt. It was ordinary market mechanism. You guys just blame Raines and Frank and Pelosi because it suits your conceits and your ignorance.
Kevin: the economy tanked because of Business Cycle 101. You half-pints did not notice the business cycle because economic policy, basically learned from Keynes during the 1930s, kept it at bay for 75 years. Hell, you guys were talking about the Great Moderation, about the stabilizing and ordering force of the markets for a couple decades up until the collapse. Who needs the fiscal? Just the Fed, and the market, and we're rolling. THAT's the thinking which led to deregulation of the housing and financial space--the market ITSELF would do the disciplining. And so, as government retreated, the market went back to what it did in the decades and centuries prior to the Great Depression: it crashed as creditors refused to roll-over..
Wrong about that too. Perot's surge came at the expense of Clinton. Bush flatlined the whole campaign. Never varied from 35-40%. Perot's votes were not going to the incumbant. They were change votes, or they were sitting it out. And btw, Bush was the only "pro-life" candidate in the race. The misconceptions and pleasant little lies you tell yourselves to make yourselves think you are victims of a history that is your friend. But you are too conceited to understand history, which is why you blather so stupidly..
oh brother. Now Ann is saying going off the gold standard led to the Depression, which is linked in some way to 1914 and probably Woodrow Wilson and Hiram Johnson and Eugene Debs and..and..and.. Okay, it is too late for nonsense. Catch me later with that nitwit stuff and if you're lucky, I'll give you some truth. But I don't have time right now for foamers.
You keep chanting, son. Because you'll be right, when the private sector growth has traction. But in a severely deflationary phase of the business cycle, business can wait for years and even decades to start hiring workers and lift them out of poverty. These "free market" pieties are disgusting nonsense, slogans designed to conceal lazy, low-effort thinking. I am for prosperity. General and sustainable prosperity. When the market delivers prosperity, I favor the market. When government delivers prosperity, I favor government. But in fact, I favor neither. I respect economics. I respect its power over the lives of people. That's why I favor prosperity and not frigging dogma.
phew, liars sure use stats, right? you inherit a budgetary "overcharge" (as Bush called it). You have your own President AND Congress for six years. You set the table for collapse with stupid policy after stupid policy. Dems take office after the public is disgusted with the Iraqi ridiculousness. Market and business hubris collapses, as it always does, in 2007. The economy tanks, largely because of poor regulation of financial markets. If the Dems did not spend from debt, you would be selling your sister right now. You clowns act as though public debt occurs in a vacuum, unrelated to the market and private sector. So frigging stupid.
Kevin: Depends on what part of Europe, son. And in case you haven't heard, the median guy in America lost almost half of his net-worth from 2007 to 2010. When you trash another region, try to argue from a position of strength. Since the rise of Reagan and supply-side idiocies, the "give business everything they ask for" gulliblity, our country's slide into not-greatness has been inexorable. Europe's problem is based on the Great Moderation foolishness that monetary union is the only "policy" an economy needs. It was based on right-wing foolishness. You blame 'socialism" if you want. You do not know what you're talking about. And btw, none of those GIPSI countries would be suffering if they had their own currencies. None.
Oh. the 2010 story again. We'll see how you do this time around. And this time around, chump, you own part of the economy--the economy that was recovering until you losers started strangling, and maybe even sabotaging, it.
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