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Head Start: Another Costly Government Failure

patrioticgalwithphd Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 5:48 AM
It always irritated me that MY child could not attend headstart because my family's income was too high (40,000). I got up every morning and work. I provided for my family AND all of those OBAMA MAMMAS out there that stayed home, sat on their a**es, and got everything free. Twelve years later, those same kids got thousands of dollars in grants to go to college, buy books, extra money for food, lodging, gas money, smart phones, etc. I personally know of one girl who got so much government grant money for college that she bought her family a new mobile home. Or should I say WE taxpayers bought her family a new mobile home. The girl dropped out of college. BINGO! I payed my child's way through college. He graduated!

What’s more realistic: A unicorn, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or a successful government program?

This isn’t a trick question. Even though I’ve presented both theoretical and empirical arguments against government spending, that doesn’t mean every government program is a failure.

I suppose the answer depends on the definition of success.

Government roads do enable me to get from Virginia to Washington every day. And the Post Office usually gets mail from one side of the country to another. By that standard, many government programs and activities yield positive results.

But if the question is whether government achieves anything...

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