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And Nixon resigned rather than allowing the impeachment process to proceed, even though he probably would not have been removed from office by Senate vote. Unlike "It's all about sex" Willie, who lost his law licenses due to proven perjury, a "High Crime or misdemeanor."
Unfortunately, the terms "civil" or "public servant" were replaced by "Federal employee," "state employee," etc., some time ago in the bureaucratic lexicon.
"Reagan tried to get a waiver that would permit him to serve in a war zone but the Army refused. Moreover, the nation needed Reagan’s peacetime skills to help with the war effort."
Actually, as I am probably older than you, I remember when even draftees were told about free medical care for life.
Throughly agree with the article above regarding the debates and the LSM "moderators." In addition, I think that closed primaries (Republican registered only voting) would winnow out the Democrat crossover vote and help to keep RINOs off the ballot.
Even if she passes, who will carry the extra heavy additional weaponry? Carried an M-60 machine gun and ammo (the almost equally heavy tripod was carried by another male) in addition to the rucksack and other required equipment. Not a task for the weak, I assure you.
Having recently retired from DoD, and having heard the subject of female combat initiated many times by women in the military, it is my opinion that the overwhelmingly vast majority of them did/do not enlist for direct combat. Once again, the lefties pander to the few (in service or not) to override the opinion of the majority.
There is serious gun control in Chicago and other metro areas - Look at the horrible daily results vice conceal and carry areas.
"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." - Rahm "Dead Fish" Emanuel Including dancing on the graves of the little innocents in Connecticut, to further the leftist anti-gun dogma?
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