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Another Kind of Racism

PatriotAfire Wrote: Nov 18, 2014 3:09 PM
You said: "After all, it was white colonist who forcibly removed Africans from their homeland and brought them to America to slave away on plantations." Wrong, Mr. Armstrong. If you are going to write as a national journalist, you need to do your homework, or you lose credibility for every point you are trying to make. The Blacks in Africa were already slaves to each other's African tribal leaders, exchanged and traded at the whim of which tribal leader killed the best and was in charge. Slavery was alive and well long before "white colonists" arrived to also join in this ripe slave trade. You should be grateful that blacks were able to have the blessed opportunity to live (even as slaves) in America, only to find themselves, 100 years later, free men and women to pursue their dreams. That it took longer than a white free-born American cannot be blamed on the whites. Slavery was the "lot" that was the doing of the blacks themselves. That does not excuse the whites for cashing in on it and degrading their "lot" even more. But the origin of that "lot" of slavery rests squarely on the black tribes in Africa. Nevertheless, becoming slaves in America proves an opportunity of that race to forge a greater destiny than what Africa promised them. Do not resent the process by which God accords each soul to overcome and forge the authority of his own divine being. Sometimes the path is slavery, so that the soul can find that dependence on God and then humbly find his way to his own identity as a son or daughter of God. America offers that dream to all. Please approach your own race through the eyes of enlightened writers like Shelby Steele. Your writing reveals a mind still believing something of the lie of blacks being victims. Read about the "slavery" of the Irish convicts when they were transported to the then penal colony of Sydney, Australia in the late eighteenth and early 20th century. Trust me, their "lot" was just as awful as the black slaves in America, and in many cases greater, but they overcame. And they, and their descendants, built one of the greatest countries of modern society. Victimhood is your greatest enemy. Re the Hispanics, the blacks need to work that out for yourselves, not government. You have great Black people who can and will find the solution to that.
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Neutering Religious Holidays

PatriotAfire Wrote: Nov 18, 2014 4:52 AM
Mr. Norris, changing traditional religious holidays into secular "breaks" is not neutering; it is kicking out any reference or giving honor to God. Period. The Progressives hate religion, and yet they will ben dover backwards to be sensitive to the desires of the Muslims, though that religion is corrupted through and through, and should not even be acknowledged as a religion.
Cheerful philosophizing and bonhomie is not a sufficient weapon, Mr. Schlichter, to fight the deadly infrastructure that O and his regime are setting in place EVERY DAY. We must challenge his lawlessness on every front. Control is their goal and means to transforming this Republic. A friend sent me this note this morning: "The DHS suburbans staged at a parking garage not far from Fergeson? Ready to go into action if there is trouble! It is like a cancerous beast that keeps growing and assuming more and more power and money unto itself...tentacles into everything...their badge is even shown on movie DVDs (re: piracy of the movie). Intimidation into every good or the DHS will get you! As it did the Navy Veteran who posted the pictures above and was fired from his job at that Hotel. Homeland security is a control of the people." Add in the firing of138 Admirals and Generals in our Armed Forces and, in addition, 125 commanders and Lt. commanders of our Air Force--most recently the commanders of Minot AFB, Maelstrom AFB, and Warren AFB--all missile bases! That is what the Republicans should be concerned about! And what of the electrical grids that could so easily be sabotaged to create a national EMP event? These must be our concern now rather than when they become a fact of life. And you say we should pick our fights and remain optimistic that we are winning. Mr. Schlichter? These people in the White House and those allied to them are dedicated leftists, with powerful ties to the Muslim Brotherhood as well. They are evil to the core of their soullessness and determination to destroy America; they are not just politicians of a different color and bent whom we should allow to implode. We are at war, or should be, with an enemy within. And this enemy will not give in or give up. It has waited a long time to position itself with such power. Good tactics is not letting the enemy surround and outflank you. Well, Obama already has. We have a final window of opportunity with the Republicans in charge. They must pull the purse and challenge all lawlessness and speak out to the American people (who are behind them. That is the only tactic we should employ!
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A Tent Too Big

PatriotAfire Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 1:01 AM
You said: "There are the Senate rabble-rousers in Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio, who each have their own vocal fan bases..." This is not a celebrity contest, Ms Cupp. We are talking about the office of the President, which has been abused, misused, and corrupted these past 6 years in the extremity of destroying our Republic. There is only one front-runner who can save our Republic and that is the man or woman who loves the Constitution, who reveres the rule of law, who sees the true character of Obama and is fearless in speaking out and standing against the lawlessness Obama's polices have wrought. Ted Cruz is the only statesman who has consistently displayed that intellectual and moral awareness. He is no "rabble rouser. Truth is his companion. And he is attached to integrity. How about we look to someone like Cruz and not act as though we were at a pot luck picnic, choosing our favorite dish?
Yet another battle front for this administration: to destroy the sanctity of this holy and consecrated ground of our brave and true. A desecration of the one place where God touches our hearts with the spirits of these who gave us freedom.
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Look Who's Data Mining Your Toddlers

PatriotAfire Wrote: Oct 10, 2014 1:49 AM
Thanks, Michelle, as always, for your watchful eye on yet another leftist intrusion into our personal lives. This administration and its cronies have long salivated to create little robots of our children, so they can be controlled and managed by the all-knowing state. TS Gold is beginning the crib to college tagging process. Insidious and destructive. But then this is a godless group of individuals at the helm. Parents must stand up against this before it is permanently woven into our educational system. Homeschooling is the only way to go. I did it with my kids and they both graduated with honors from college and have great jobs. Neither drink nor smoke nor take drugs and have very active participation in sports, parkour, martial arts, music and dancing events. There is not one reason good enough to put your child in a public school these days. They are sewers. Homeschooling is the best way to help secure your child's innocence. And that is our first jobs as parents.
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Obama's Master Plan With Eric Holder

PatriotAfire Wrote: Oct 07, 2014 6:20 AM
Definitely in the works, Mr. Norris. Obama does nothing by chance. He is programmed through and through--godless, soulless. Holder is a Serpent. Period.
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Ebola and Obama

PatriotAfire Wrote: Oct 07, 2014 6:15 AM
Brilliant, Dr. Sowell. You have neatly stripped Obama of one more layer of his false identity. He is a man who bears great hatred for this nation, and is bent on destroying her. He is an arch deceiver, a carefully manufactured product of leftist radicals and a compliant media willing to carry water for him. We are still not quite to the core of his evil, but your logic, reason, and unfailing instinct for honesty have provided a much more truthful understanding of this enemy of our beloved land.
Che was a barbaric murderer. Period! Leftist persuaded youth fall right into line with him as a world savior. It salves their guilt for being free and prosperous and living in the greatest country ever. Reflections of their doting college professors, born to the red!
Thanks, doc! Clearly stated!
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