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Well said!
TO Winkmesiter: Exactly right! Obama is the charismatic puppet, soulless and godless. The perfect tool of the sinister forces pulling his strings. These people have been preparing the furnace for a long time. The Alinsky/Cloward-Pivan radicals have their Manchurian candidate at last. And how perfect he looks and plays his part: Mr. Cool--almost white, certainly Black, gay to the gays, straight to the straights, and who wears a designer suit impeccably.
Couldn't agree more! The President elected because of being a community agitator for an ideology that is an offense to all that hold dear as Americans. More Americans are catching on for the very reason you stated above: We, the patriots, have been agitating, and will continue to do so!
I agree wholeheartedly!
Your article is testimony to your lack of discernment and judgment, Mr. Towery. My sole allegiance as an American is to the rule of law as embodied by our Founding documents, principally the Constitution! The Constitution, Mr. Towery, is not some reference book that we quote (or ignore) when our Party politics dictate. The Constitution is our covenant with God, and those eternal principles that it ensconces. The Law is compelling, and MUST be! The Declaration of Independence, the very process of the Revolutionary War itself: the sacrifice of so many, their selflessness, their unfaltering vision of what freedom was, and their sacred honor in offering all to secure the victory--this is what makes our Constitution precious to us, and irreplaceable. By not impeaching Obama, the Republicans are enabling his progressive destruction of our Republic. They are enabling the breakdown of order and the rule of law, and the breaching of that sacred covenant with God: our Constiution. When we break tryst with God, God cannot protect us as a nation. It is that simple. Obama's breach is ably demonstrated by this present Border lawlessness, manufactured as it is as part of the Alinsky and Cloward/Piven strategy of orchestrated crisis. I am sick of the Republicans playing politics and compromising with those who have only contempt for the Law. I care about this Republic, and its survival. High Crimes and Misdemeanors--and treason and treachery, I do not doubt, would most definitely be proven. Obama has but a chimera appeal. But it can only be pierced and brought to naught by Truth. You, sir, are a disappointment as a journalist on Townhall. You are as much a coward--and worse, a voice for cowardice--as our weak-bellied and weak-minded congressmen and senators, save Ted Cruz.
Meant to say, his choice was tragically misguided.
To those posters below who believe Ann is criticizing this young doctor's choice to serve as a missionary in Africa, she is not! Ann is making the clear statement that his choir was tragically misguided. She is saying that he should not have served "where angels fear to tread." To go to a country with active Ebola was both unwise and reckless, to say the least. Some sincere Christians do indeed act within a narrow doctrinal aspiration, which IS a form of narcissism, whereby they think that God will somehow protect them because they are serving Him. Even Christ-inspired service needs to be pragmatic, especially when the risks are so very great, as Ebola presents. And while this young doctor has the right to choose his place of service, he now puts millions of Americans at risk for that decision. There are so many areas of this world that could have benefited from his medical skills and his passion to serve. And needless to say, serve for decades to come, given his God-inspired altruism. My prayers go to his wife and children, who are the greatest victims of this truly tragic situation.
As always, Mr. Limbaugh, you have presented a coherent and accurate argument. But is the "comeuppance" of the Democrat Party in the upcoming elections the best we can hope for given Obama's egregious lawlessness and destructive policies? It is sad indeed if that is so. Each and every one of our elected officials gave oaths to stand for and uphold the rule of law of the constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Law is the only reason to act or not act. The Democrats as a Party have rejected that rule of law and their oath to uphold it. They have cast aside the Constitution and the covenant it embodies between the American people and God. Our only hope has been that the Republicans would uphold and act righteously in defense of it. They have not. We MUST impeach Obama and not play this Serpent game that he and his Democrats are setting forth in their usual propaganda hit list. Let the chips fall where they may! The Law is our only premise, and not politics. Therefore, impeach Obama! The Law can only protect us if we protect and reverence it.
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Stop the Coming Obamnesty!

PatriotAfire Wrote: Aug 01, 2014 6:55 PM
In a recent article, Pat, you told us not to impeach Obama. that it would play into the Democrat's end game and sabotage the Republican's edge in the upcoming elections. now you say, "Americans should let Obama know what they think of his amnesty now, before he imposes it upon us." Well, you can't have it both ways. We have elected representatives and the only way to stop Obama IS to impeach him. It is called "doing the right thing." Even Rush has said Obama's lawlessness more than meets the criteria of "High Crimes and Misdemeanors." So are you now for impeachment, Pat, or just safely philosophizing in the rarefied air of academia? Our Founding principles must be protected and defended if our Republic is to survive under these relentless and crushing assaults by this radical statist regime. I am for impeachment.
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