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"It's an incredible, powerful victory about shining the light, and speaking out... a light that can reach the darkest of prison cells and bring hope," Cruz said. And that shining light is the light of invincible Truth! Mr. Cruz, you are wielding that sword of Truth like a true warrior and patriot of old. Each of us can expect victories if we exercise our faith in our country and in what is righteous. IF we pray and invoke God's assistance, we can defeat the forces of evil emanating from the White House and its entire network of subterfuge and high crimes and misdemeanors. Washington set the example for us throughout his life, beginning at Valley Forge.
With a man of faith and patriotic fervor for this nation under God, ALL things are possible!. We are with you, Mr. Cruz, all the way to the Presidency...
It is true, Mr. Schlichter, that pride (perhaps more than smugness) is the common trait of leftist progressives. And with pride comes the need--the very compulsion--to control and dominate others. And that behavior in itself is destructive, both for their own souls and for the community and nation they extend that control to. It is also true that the ideological radicals are a minority; however, they now occupy every position of influence and authority in our Republic: the government, economy, education, entertainment--and thus they are a lethal, and potentially fatal, force in the determining of this nation's destiny. This minority is determined to destroy America in the image and likeness of the Founders. Why? Because God is the premise of our Founding principles. And these leftists have rejected God as the premise of their own life, and therefore of our nation's life. They are literally on a suicide mission. Alinsky understood that; it is why he dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to "the first rebel, Lucifer." Thus the embracing by these radicals of all that is antithetical to God: abortion, homosexuality, redistribution of wealth, racism, statist control, etc.. They have created their own kingdom of fallen angels, who follow Lucifer in his original pride and rebellion. Our Constitution is wrought of a higher wisdom that acknowledges the eternal order that bestows the inalienable right of liberty to every individual citizen. Liberty, however, can only be retained if each citizen has reverence for and lives by that eternal order in their own lives. Washington said morality was essential to the survival of our Republic. The radical leftists do indeed have a death wish. If we do not stand and fight now, with every breath a prayer for God's intercession, then we will most certainly lose this Republic under these evil forces. For evil it is that we are up against, and nothing less.
Well said!
TO Winkmesiter: Exactly right! Obama is the charismatic puppet, soulless and godless. The perfect tool of the sinister forces pulling his strings. These people have been preparing the furnace for a long time. The Alinsky/Cloward-Pivan radicals have their Manchurian candidate at last. And how perfect he looks and plays his part: Mr. Cool--almost white, certainly Black, gay to the gays, straight to the straights, and who wears a designer suit impeccably.
Couldn't agree more! The President elected because of being a community agitator for an ideology that is an offense to all that hold dear as Americans. More Americans are catching on for the very reason you stated above: We, the patriots, have been agitating, and will continue to do so!
I agree wholeheartedly!
Your article is testimony to your lack of discernment and judgment, Mr. Towery. My sole allegiance as an American is to the rule of law as embodied by our Founding documents, principally the Constitution! The Constitution, Mr. Towery, is not some reference book that we quote (or ignore) when our Party politics dictate. The Constitution is our covenant with God, and those eternal principles that it ensconces. The Law is compelling, and MUST be! The Declaration of Independence, the very process of the Revolutionary War itself: the sacrifice of so many, their selflessness, their unfaltering vision of what freedom was, and their sacred honor in offering all to secure the victory--this is what makes our Constitution precious to us, and irreplaceable. By not impeaching Obama, the Republicans are enabling his progressive destruction of our Republic. They are enabling the breakdown of order and the rule of law, and the breaching of that sacred covenant with God: our Constiution. When we break tryst with God, God cannot protect us as a nation. It is that simple. Obama's breach is ably demonstrated by this present Border lawlessness, manufactured as it is as part of the Alinsky and Cloward/Piven strategy of orchestrated crisis. I am sick of the Republicans playing politics and compromising with those who have only contempt for the Law. I care about this Republic, and its survival. High Crimes and Misdemeanors--and treason and treachery, I do not doubt, would most definitely be proven. Obama has but a chimera appeal. But it can only be pierced and brought to naught by Truth. You, sir, are a disappointment as a journalist on Townhall. You are as much a coward--and worse, a voice for cowardice--as our weak-bellied and weak-minded congressmen and senators, save Ted Cruz.
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