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Attack of the Uppity Conservative Hispanics

PatriotAfire Wrote: Feb 25, 2013 8:24 AM
Mistyped above. I meant to say, "are willing to act and play outside Washington power politics. The point is our McCain types in the Senate and our fearless Majority Leader in the House only know how to compromise. They accept every premise and talking point that comes from the Dems and that is why they play their dirty little game of compromise. It is all so dishonest.

There is nothing the liberal establishment hates more than members of the minority groups it considers its political chattel who step off the grounds of the progressive plantation. And right now, it is beginning a long-term de-legitimization campaign, with its media overseers fully engaged, because that Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have dared to forget their place.

The liberal establishment is driven not just by anger. It’s driven by fear.

It’s easy to see why the media blew up the story of Marco Rubio’s radical decision to take a drink during his state of the union response – he gave a...