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10 Reasons I Wish George Washington Were Still Alive (Part 1)

PatriotAfire Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 11:44 AM
Washington would not lose hope that easily. He would pray for this "postbellum USA" as we should. Re the Civil War, Lincoln did everything he could to prevent war. The South were agitating for it. Yes, there was an horrific price paid, and the beautiful South was beaten down mercilessly by soldier brutes like Sherman, but Lincoln's motive was the same as Washington's: to preserve the Union. I do think, however, that Washington could and would have prevented the Civil War had he been present. He had the great heart for peace and the most profound and abiding faith in God.
BK24 Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 11:56 AM
Even if I grant - for now - that Washington would've argued against secession, I suspect his story would be similar to Sam Houston's, who argued against Texas signing on with the CSA and died believing all his life's work to get his state into the USA was wasted effort. But I can surely grant the point that Wshington as a prayerful man who would've wished God's peace on his nation and people.
PatriotAfire Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 11:53 AM
Washington's concept of the Union, of course, at the time of the Revolution, was independence of the 13 colonies from King George. The Constitution was created to set up a national government as, to quote Madison, there were too many "mischiefs of faction" among the now freed colonies. The national government was to ensure a "well-constructed union." The federal government, in Washington's mind, as in the minds of all the Founders, was to be a creation of the People to safeguard the unity of the 13 colonies, and there would be checks and balances.
Many conservatives point to great modern men and leaders, such as Ronald Reagan, as models we can follow, and I concur with their sentiments. But I think the best leaders lived long ago, during the founding of our republic, away from the limelight and luster of today's politics and Washington drama.

With Feb. 18's being Presidents Day and Feb. 22's being the actual day George Washington was born, I thought there would no better time to honor the man I consider to be one of the greatest leaders ever born. And I'm going to take a few weeks (columns) to do it.