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Amen anonymous, going to copy paste thanks.
That's it, genocide is so much easier if the targets are not armed.
Connecticut also has an assault weapons ban in place now, see it really works well!
The only answer I can give you is that the question is racist and very liberal. Oh yeah, same thing.
That is because the problem is his solution, gun control. The path to implementing full confiscation is hastened with racial tension and it is all deliberate, all of it, no exceptions, like genocide, no exceptions, they are all preceded with by GUN CONTROL. jpfo.org provides convincing information.
they deserve to be able to think critically enough to realize they need NO race baiting. Same with all human beings now indoctrinated by the fed gov at every medium possible, all of them, schools, tv, radio, all of it. Shame on the deceivers.
Semihardrock, you are good! You know what you are talking about. May all the gun control advocates get in line for their microchips, I will resist to the death.
Cornel West: "The vanilla side of town." Why is this acceptable? Who is going to stand up and say this is racist? How dare he be so self righteous? Do we not all have souls? Are we not all so very similar in our hopes, cares, needs, hearts? "Not just BO ...either cowards or hypocrites, ........ say they care but deep down they really don't care especially when it relates to kids on the South side of Chicago, Harlem." Of course they don't! Neither does this communist! Their gun control is getting them killed every day! Blood on his hands!
Yes, that is a big part of it. It is an element of the entire plan to overtake us and remove all ensured freedoms by destroying the constitution which is not a living document to those who are still under that misinformation. There are countless tactics in play and this is one of them.
Not. The NAACP was a republican effort to help advance the blacks once they were freed. The democrats would never take part in anyone's advancement but their own.
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