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Roy53, I'm so glad to have found this posted on Tony's fb page. I will print it out to take with me when gathering signatures. We have only days left to get as many as possible. I take a petition with me everywhere I go. The brainwashed act as if I am offensive to their sensitivities and I tell them, "That's okay, Stalin wouldn't sign it either!" Not all of them, many I just politely wish them a good day but some are so sure of their "higher understanding" and the barbaric views of people like me offending them but hey, watch me offend them even more for being so stupid.
Because we haven't had any challengers I don't think. We are trying to find challengers now. I hope the Good Lord sends us one to vote for. Mean time, we can return the pressure. The voice of the people must be heard and there are too many far too many Americans who stay silent and go about their merry way completely ignorant of the threats this nation faces. They are choosing to use their freedom to destroy their liberty. (Jim Noorlander)
Stan306, I disagree that they should move to a different county. They should stay right where they are and have been since 1925. Who wins if they leave Kitsap? Certainly not the range or the citizens but the freaks that love Stalin and Hitler etc. The residents of Kitsap will lose strength concerning the 2A and obviously need to keep and to grow what they now have not to send it packing. I'm so proud of Marcus Carter and he doesn't even know me. I'm proud to be a part of the petition signature gathering. It is not going to just end with them moving. Not now and hopefully not ever. I don't even own a gun. The right to defend the Bill of Rights belongs to gun owners and non gun owners alike, and it is our duty anyway. I will defend it to the best of my ability for my entire life.
Amen anonymous, going to copy paste thanks.
That's it, genocide is so much easier if the targets are not armed.
Connecticut also has an assault weapons ban in place now, see it really works well!
The only answer I can give you is that the question is racist and very liberal. Oh yeah, same thing.
That is because the problem is his solution, gun control. The path to implementing full confiscation is hastened with racial tension and it is all deliberate, all of it, no exceptions, like genocide, no exceptions, they are all preceded with by GUN CONTROL. jpfo.org provides convincing information.
they deserve to be able to think critically enough to realize they need NO race baiting. Same with all human beings now indoctrinated by the fed gov at every medium possible, all of them, schools, tv, radio, all of it. Shame on the deceivers.
Semihardrock, you are good! You know what you are talking about. May all the gun control advocates get in line for their microchips, I will resist to the death.
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