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Having worked in a large jail system for 20 years, I did not find the take down to be horrific. It was not particularly violent considering the size of the suspect. I do see some things that could have been done differently, though I cannot say that the outcome would necessarily been different. The one thing I would note is that the officers could possibly have been more aware of the possibility of positional asphyxia due to the weight and position Garner was in after the take down. Getting him in an upright, sitting position immediately after cuffing him might have been a good idea. We do not have the details of the grand jury decision so what I am saying is speculation based on a significant amount of experience in restraining violent or resistive individuals. I think that those who are immediately jumping to the conclusion that because they found the video horrifying, the police were wrong should exercise restraint until they see more evidence, as should those on the other side who immediately side with the officers without knowing all the evidence.
You would think that a majority of the people in the country would understand this by now, but far too many still have their collective heads in the sand (or somewhere) and just think those who oppose the Obama regime are mean, racists. I am not particularly hopeful that the GOP will take the senate. It seems to me that we will have to have a major "crash and burn" before enough people will wake up.
I will vote, and I will suck it up again. However, I am sick of the establishment GOP acting liking an abusive partner. They denigrate, humiliate, and verbally assault those of us with whom they disagree, then, start whining that we are at fault when things don't go the way they want. Yep, that attitude from the establishment may cost the GOP the senate. Because I do think it may be the end if Obama gets his way for the next couple of years, I hope conservatives will suck it up one more time. But if there is not a big change from the Rove types after that it won't happen again. I won't donate to the NRSC or Rove. But I will still donate to individual candidates and to the Senate Conservative Fund. So to those who have decided to blame conservatives for how the GOP stands now, shut up the abuse and admit you were wrong in attacking people who were on the same side.
Well, being in Missouri and paying close attention to what our state government is doing, I know this bill will once again go nowhere. However, it is indicative of the stubborn belief of the progressive mind that such a law is even constitutional, let alone that it would deter a madman with a gun.
My troubled mind will be eased when this man is no longer living in our White House.
I know white people who continue to vote democrat because "we have always been democrats". They have no conception of what the party actually stands for and are remarkably uninterested in knowing the truth.
This may have been the best they could do under the present circumstances, but for Boehner to come out and attack viciously those who hate the plan has only made things worse. If he had simply kept his mouth shut, more of those opposed would have let it go. His attack has helped the Dems and further divided the Republican party. If those people don't stop attacking their own, they will see potential victory in the next elections turn into defeat. They better wise up.
That is exactly what I was posting yesterday. If your "boss" orders you to do something that is obviously completely wrong and unconstitutional, you should have the morals to refuse to do it even at the risk of your job.
That is a point we need to be pressing. If there are park rangers who are stating it is wrong, why aren't they standing up and saying "No, we won't do it"? I believe the "it's our job" line is the same as some Germans said in Hitlers Germany as they marched Jews to gas chambers. Does no one working for the government have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and refuse these unconstitutional orders?
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