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Instead of millenials we should start calling them MORONIALS.
How do use a keyboard when your arms are so clearly bound by a straight-jacket????
Compared to Matthews, Comedy Central and the View ARE reputable.
The only thing about soccer that could be construed as "interesting" or "tough" is the potential for a drunken melee to breakout! And yes, I did play but I found it boring as hell!!! Little more than jogging with a random chance at kicking a ball every now and then. As to the injury argument , I usually see soccer players flopping on the ground feigning injury in front of the refs, the level of bad acting is worthy of professional wrestling. PLEASE!!
Wow, just when I thought soccer couldn't be any MORE candy-assed.
Man-bear-pig is a protected species.
Orwell was right....."In a time of universal deceit, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act".
Check out the assessment of Islam made by Churchill in 1899. He was way ahead of the curve on the nazis , the communists, and the muslims.
Good thing England has such tough gun control laws or something BAD might have happened. Just wait until drug cartel members can kill someone in broad daylight on American soil, ON CAMERA!!! This is a "coming attraction" trailer!!!!!!!!
Average response time for 911 is 15 minutes....... average response time for a .357 hollowpoint is 1,400 feet per second.
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