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Time For Blacks to Leave the Democratic Party

Patriot155 Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 10:19 AM
Many are that way and many aren't. The problem is alot of what liberal media displays is "Only a minority of blacks have enough pride to do the right thing.." and they portray the ones that continue to do wrong as heroes. Also alot of blacks use these as role models and continue to send entire generations spiraling deeper into depravity and moral decline. What's sad, is that the Democratic party doesn't need to lift a finger to perpetuate this, we do it all by ourselves everytime we mock, redicule and demonize those who dare step off this Godless plantation. Don't believe me, just watch how alot of us react to Condelezza Rice, Allen West and let's not forget what they did to Hermain Cain.

Speaking at the National Press Club in late September, black pastor Bishop E. W. Jackson unapologetically said it was time for black Americans to take a stand for what is right and called for a mass exodus from the Democrat Party due to the "irreconcilable conflict" between what the Democrat Party represents and their faith in God.

Regrettably, the Democrat Party has drawn a line in the sand forcing Christians of all colors to decide whether they will stand for their faith or against it if they stay in a party that blasphemes God when giving standing ovations for platform...