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Obama Calls Filmmaker a "Shadowy Character"

Patriot155 Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 12:06 PM
HELLO!!!!! McFLY!!!!!!! ANYONE HOME?????? If the Middle East can come apart at the seams because of a film posted by some lone knucklehead hear in the U.S. then their are 3 very violatile issues at hand here. 1) Islamists are violent opposers of anything remotely differing from Islam 2) Barrack Obama's policy was dead in the water long before this film was ever even a plan 3) This guy's film wasn't the issue but became the issue in the lame stream useless media after Barrack's failed appeasment policy came to an ugly head Hmmmmmmmmm......You know, I'm probably leaning towards all 3.
Happy Jake Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 2:15 PM
3 has already been shown to be correct. We now know that Islamists planned the attacks for weeks (and probably knew about the video in advance) and used it to drum up people willing to protest.

President Obama took direct aim at the maker of the anti-Islamic film his administration is using as a scapegoat for bad Middle Eastern policy on his most recent Letterman appearance, calling him a "shadowy character." Obama did not offer a defense of free speech when talking about the subject of ongoing rioting in the Middle East and yes, the President turned down a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benajamin Netanyahu recently but found time to do a Letterman appearance in campaign season. Tonight, Obama will attend a fundraiser hosted by mega-celebrities Jay-Z and Beyonce.