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Good point, verbivore. The bible never appoints any of such as the authority over such matters.
You got me there however the other sources have confirmed more than denied His existence.
No it hasn't it's been contradicted so many times it's a joke. Where's the missing link. I can name dozens of animals that look and even act simular to each other yet genetically have no relation whatsoever.
"Believe what you like, but let's not pretend there is anything scientific about "intelligent design." And let's not pretend that there's anything absolute about "evolution".
A bit angry because someone finally linked the violence and intolerance to people other than so called "right-wing extremists"? Name one organization used by the government to be an authority on "hate groups" or "extremist organizations" that resulted in an attempted mass shooting against the LBGT, Muslims or Jews.
Islamic terrorists also use homemade explosives. How do you think they make improvised explosive devices that kill American soldiers overseas?
Well put!!!
I do realize this. That's one of the reasons why the 2nd Amendment must never be infringed upon. Also, my point from a moral and logical standpoint. One can't legitmately take things away from you if they have no legal authority to do it and would be the basis for dissent or rebellion against evil. But if you willingly credit man as granting you your in-alienable rights, then you give your freedom over to him and the power to take it away.
Actually McCarthy, if you read Judges and the book before it, God warns the Hebrews about the consequences of electing a king and centralized government. The people did this because they rebelled against God. And after much bellyaching and whining, He said, okay, you get what you get. So in a sense your right.
Yea, they can. However if people would credit who truly gave us these liberties or rights that we take for granted so often it wouldn't be so easy for people to just surrender them to others. It also wouldn't be so easy for people to come up with an argument as to why they should be the authority to take them away. By removing God from the equation we have opened up a can of worms that I don't think will soon be closed, like we have so many other things in this country.
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