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Hopefully. We are talking about a white man here. If he were a white female, then maybe, but, white males don't have a chance. They will sentence him, the blacks will get uppity demanding his head. They will destroy their inner city hovels killing each other and a few innocents. Then the cops will come in and kill more blacks and the cycle begins again. While all this happens, the liberals lead by george dorkos will sit back and laugh because their black slaves are following orders just as their liberal massuhs told them. Very few black Americans understand what is happening. Those that do vote for conservatives.
Fool. Slave.
I agree with the thoughts here but I wish spell check was used. Liberals will insult this person for typographical errors. We, the people, must understand that evil is watching our every move. Evil grabs every opportunity to paint us as crazy, uneducated, inbred, rednecks just because we used our smartphone to respond and missed a few keys or tried to respond while fighting off some liberal rapist or freak. No slight against you miller, just offering up advice.
No law has ever stopped a murder or a theft. Never stopped a rape or abuse or drug deal or prostitute. Criminals will commit the crime regardless of the law! It's the law abiding citizen who suffers because they are following the laws passed. Liberals know this and see law as a form of population control. Since all liberals are criminals, they do whatever they please.
Amen. Liberalism is a serious mental disorder! These people are dangers to themselves and the rest of society. Look at Barry nobama, Jesse Jerkson, Nanny Piglosi, Harry Reefer, KKKalifornia, New Dork Commune, Chicongo, and all the other sick, demented, perverted, vile, evil, "progressive" people (things) and cities. Nothing worth saving. Why do we allow this madness to continue?When do we put a stop to it? No election will end the madness. We will need to carry out our responsibilities under the 2nd Amendment. I'm ready, are any of you?
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