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She's stronger and healthier than you, tubsy.
I feel bad for people that have to put up with you in real life. What a sad, pathetic life you must live...
You're just an idiot.
This article has nothing to do with lunches brought from home. This article is about lunches served by the public schools. So: "What business is it of the government what our kids eat for lunch?" - EVERYTHING - if it is provided by the government.
She's stronger, healthier, and smarter than you. I know that stings a bit, tubs.
... and as I responded last night: ALL of these arguments against healthy school lunches would then automatically fall on the side of "get the government out of what people can buy with foodstamps." It's the same concept, moron. You blind idiots can't keep straight what to be mad about - - flailing your arms miserably. I can't wait for all your heads to explode when Obama is re-elected.
You're an embarrassment.
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