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Waste and Avarice When Governments and Central Banks Make it Rain

PatrickHenryThunder_3 Wrote: Apr 09, 2012 12:39 AM
To all, How many of you are concerned with unsustainable budget deficits, unsustainable debts, and endless printing of money by the Federal Reserve Bank? There are solutions to these problems. Check out the following website (see below): Sign up for the Newsletter! Thanks.
The story in last week's WSJ really hits home about how trillions of dollars and Euros can find its way to the most unusual uses. In Spain some of that LTRO cash found its way to that nation's famous but fading bullfighting industry. Now loans are available for would-be season ticket buyers. The idea is just in time for the industry and the return of Juan Padilla. Gorged five months ago, the bull's horn entered through the jaw, and popped out an eyeball. While Padilla called his comeback a couple weeks ago a "dream come true", he admitted his family was...