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Time for Me to Defend My Work on Tax Havens

patrickhenry1731 Wrote: Apr 19, 2012 12:22 AM
Why do politicians and overpaid journalist benefit from the "fiat paper money" system? Why was the Federal Reserve Bank established in 1913? Is the Federal Reserve Bank Constitutional? Why does the Federal Reserve Bank put hard working individuals into perpetual debt? If you share these concerns, check out the following site (see below): CONSTITUTIONLIBERTY. COM Sign up for the Newsletter! Thanks.

A few days ago, I explained why I’m a big fan of tax competition. Simply stated, we need to subject governments to competitive pressure to at least partially offset the tendency of politicians to over-tax and over-spend.

Tax havens play an important role in this liberalizing process, largely because they do not put themselves under any obligation to enforce the bad tax laws of other jurisdictions. They also use privacy laws to protect their sovereign control of what gets taxed inside their...

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