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$665 Million Paid in Taxes: Not Enough, Mr. President?

patrickhenry1730 Wrote: Apr 17, 2012 11:11 PM
To all, Why are Americans losing their freedoms, inalienable rights, and free speech? Why is America and other nations being controlled through the "fiat currency" system through "debt bondage"? What happened to learning about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, & the Declaration of Independence? If you share these concerns check out the following site (see below): CONSTITUTIONLIBERTY. COM Sign up for the Newsletter! Thanks.

Remember when paying ones taxes was seen as a civic duty by society?  It was looked upon as the necessary evil in order to maintain the American way of life.  At least that’s what I was taught to believe.  I was brainwashed into thinking that the role of government was to do the people wanted.

After all isn’t that what our bi-cameral, tri-level, checks and balances structure of governance is all about?  What makes me think that it might all ba an illusion is the continued rhetoric by my fellow Chicagoan in The Oval Office who insists that tax cuts...