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What Romney Needs to Say About Romneycare

patrickhenry15003 Wrote: Jul 06, 2012 12:34 AM
Romney needs to also explain why he sent his advisors to craft ObamaCare who met with Obama. I seriously doubt he has any intent on REPEALING the "Eugenics based" ObamaCare. Check out: (see below) www.constitutionliberty. com Sign up for the Newsletter! Thanks.
Romney aide Eric Fehrnstrom's blunder -- telling an interviewer that Romney believes the individual mandate is not a tax -- was politically dumb, if revealing. It suggests that the Romney camp continues to struggle with the ghost of Romneycare. Romney's subsequent attempt at clarification, saying that it's a tax because the Supreme Court said it is, though, "I agreed with the dissent," succeeded only in further confusing matters.

The campaign desperately needs clarity on this issue. It needs also to shake that worrying tentativeness on Romneycare -- a timidity that suggests to voters that Romney has something to hide.

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