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Libs are trying to live like the Jetsons without the patience required to generate the innovations that will eventually get us there. In the meantime, they are destroying this country at a rapidly increasing rate.
The new litmus test for military leaders advancement and promotion is whether or not they would fire upon fellow citizens. Yes, and you get promoted. No and you don't get promoted and likely have ended your career in military service. Thanks Trevor Loudon for the truth, scary as it is.
I still want to know where they are hiding the Americans that were rescued in Benghazi and why the Senate and House investigators are unable to question them about the tragedy. This whole episode has reaked of a huge coverup buried under an even larger tsunami of shiite.
An obvious problem with instituting the Fair Tax is it's impact on the thousands of tax accountants, lawyers, and lobbyists that make their considerable incomes due to the complexity of the IRS code. While the thousands of IRS agents could be redeployed to go after waste and fraud, the other thousands of tax attorneys and lobbyists would have to find other, non-productive ways to earn their considerable incomes. With attorneys writing legislation and funding candidates, there is no way this will ever change.
They want to raise the rates because they can always add additional deductions and loopholes to protect their constituents from having to pay the higher rates. Get rid of all of the picking of favorites through the IRS code.
An additional benefit of a consumption based tax is that income from criminal activity which is not subject to income tax (what crook would report such income) would be subject to tax when spent. The reason there is not a groundswell of support for a flat tax is the same reason most common sense solutions never see the light of day - armys of tax lawyers and accountants would have to redeploy their skills in another job. With 18 - 20 thousand new IRS Obamacare agents added to the current staff of the IRS, the problem just got a whole lot larger.
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Who Fed Susan the Benghazi Bullhockey?

Patrick539 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 9:19 AM
Everyone is asking whether the Administration or the CIA is responsible for Susan Rice's lies on the 5 Sunday morning news shows. The CIA says their summary was edited to exclude a reference to a terrorist attack. Let's get real. The talking points were edited and provided to Rice not by the Administration but by the Obama campaign, the same group that has been running everything from the day Obama was elected in 2008.
As I understand it, he will be meeting with the Fortune 500 level not small business leaders. I wish it were otherwise and also that the meeting with business took place before the meeting with the union, greenies, Podesta, et al.
Don't forget - if you just give them what they want, it will likely mean the end of conservative talk radio, internet news, and Fox News. They still have the "Fairness Act" they would like to bring back and shove down our throats.
I used to think DWS's perpetual lies made Stephanie Cutter sound credible. Not so. What is with the Obama campaign sending these bimbos out to spout outright, easily proven lies? It is not just that they are blonde because he did it to Susan Rice as well. DESPERATE doesn't begin to describe it.
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