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Speaking of New Jersey wife beaters how many times did the "good people" of NJ return congressman jim moran to congress? Numerous complaints but never a charge????? Wife beating is permitted by NJ but owning a firearm is illegal. BEAT YOUR WIFE BUT DON'T BUY A GUN unless you are a judge or a politician. Talk about being stupid. I wonder how much money bloomberg is paying the judge and the district attorney in this case????
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Arizona Loses a Great Sheriff

Patricio2 Wrote: Aug 11, 2014 4:49 PM
Katie, you are right he was a great Sheriff and a loyal American. I too am suspicious of the circumstances. Sounds like an investigation by another agency, Maricopa County SO maybe, is warranted.
obama is a Muslim so why would he care about Christians in the middle east or any other place? He has one goal in mind and that is the destruction of the USA while we pay for his vacations and golf games. The dumb (democrats) in America had better wake up to this fact.
The photo of this clown needs the caption "This is your brain on drugs". He is a PNUF, Provides No Useful Purpose.
It seems this Blitzer idiot went to the "Joe Biden School of Stupidity" which does not surprise me. Blitzer has been a joke ever since he opened his mouth even as a child.
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Colorado Gun Grabbers Smoking Dope

Patricio2 Wrote: May 13, 2014 7:58 PM
We all now know the city of Ft Collins, their attorney and the Police Dept are a bunch of morons. I thought all of the Fruits, Nuts and Flakes were in Khalifornia but I guess some migrated to the Communist state of Colorado.
NO ONE has ever accused eleanor clift of having a sound mind.
Another example of how a few idiots control the life of the majority.
Without voter fraud the democrats would lose most elections. The only ones they would win are in anti AMERICA states such as Mass, Conn, IL, NJ, NY, NM and Khalifornia.
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The Wrong Obama Just Got Fired

Patricio2 Wrote: May 06, 2014 2:37 PM
I assume this means that obama won't funnel anymore tax dollars to the university. The only reason this guy kept his job in the first place was because the Islamic Communist was his brother in law and the millions of taxpayer dollars given to the school.
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