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Colorado Gun Grabbers Smoking Dope

Patricio2 Wrote: May 13, 2014 7:58 PM
We all now know the city of Ft Collins, their attorney and the Police Dept are a bunch of morons. I thought all of the Fruits, Nuts and Flakes were in Khalifornia but I guess some migrated to the Communist state of Colorado.
NO ONE has ever accused eleanor clift of having a sound mind.
Another example of how a few idiots control the life of the majority.
Without voter fraud the democrats would lose most elections. The only ones they would win are in anti AMERICA states such as Mass, Conn, IL, NJ, NY, NM and Khalifornia.
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The Wrong Obama Just Got Fired

Patricio2 Wrote: May 06, 2014 2:37 PM
I assume this means that obama won't funnel anymore tax dollars to the university. The only reason this guy kept his job in the first place was because the Islamic Communist was his brother in law and the millions of taxpayer dollars given to the school.
Since when does the wishes of a small minority dictate what the majority must abide by??? When Communists take over the American Government, that is when. This is a government for the people and by the people not for a few people. They can all go to heII as far as I am concerned.
Poor ole' Joe. He needs to go back to the looney bin. His bed is waiting.
Some anti American schools should be shut down.. No wonder our education system is in the tank. Rutgers professors should go back to Russia.
The main street media does not report the news they MANIPULATE it to benefit the anti AMERICANS in America.
Clinton will do WHAT EVER she has to in order to become the ruler of the nation and the world. She was a carpetbagger when she ran for senate as a RESIDENT of NY. That is the nicest thing you can say about her. Remember the only difference between her and obama is she is 100% white whereas obama is only 75% white. Other than that they both follow the Communist line as laid out by their idol SAUL ALINSKY.
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