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Those listed in this article are perfect examples of people with single digit IQ's. Many in the "entertainment" community are dope smoking fruit cakes that pander to other dope smoking fruit cakes in their audience. Another reason not to support these AH's and their sponsors.
Anytime a communist muslim attacks my country it is permissible to criticize that traitor. He should be tried for treason and hospitalized for the mentally insane.
Can you name one politician from Cook county who WAS NOT A CROOK? Yeah, me neither.
Maybe the reason TSA keep molesting children is those youngsters hide the Thermite in their underwear.
RE: Reid photo. Did he fall down drunk again?????
I hope his food is better than his brain.
The only tension is that obama is a muslim who hates Jewish people. END OF LESSON.
People must realize that obama is a muslim thru and thru and does not care about America or Americans. As he said in 2008 when push comes to shove with muslims he will stand with muslims. If you do not realize this is true you are an idiot or a democrat. Oops I repeat myself.
Hey it is the democarts. They do not care about people and especially veterans. They, democrats, are backed by the unions and even though many union members are vets they continue to support the democrats. Remember democrats HATE our military.
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