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I am surprised anyone from michael moore's family was patriotic enough to serve in OUR military. As for this rogen guy never heard of him till this incident. Is he one of Hollywood's light in the loafer people or what????
The office of this president has NO DIGNITY.
This commie muslim is a disgrace to the human race. He needs to disappear. NOW.
I wonder if he is going to run because he has not yet violated all of the ethic and criminal laws that are on the books. Or maybe he found more property HE DOES NOT OWN THAT HE CAN SELL TO SOMEONE FOR PERSONAL PROFIT.
obama will not insult his own people, RADICAL MUSLIMS.
This fat little piggy can not make a decision without consulting Alinsky's communist rules.
Note to Senator Paul: The Communist Muslim does not pay for anything, TAXPAYERS DO. The Muslim just flaps his big mouth like most Communists.
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Sniper-Smearing in Hollywood

Patricio2 Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 9:41 AM
If Moore was a real American he would know the military is made up of hundred of different type troops the majority of which can destroy the enemy. An effective sniper can contain dozens if not hundreds of enemy forces because that "unknown shot" prevents the enemy from freely moving in the area. Snipers take the shot when the opportunity exists regardless of where on the body the enemy is hit. One thing that surprises me is that Moore had a relative that thought enough of America to serve in our armed forces. Was he a family outcast? Serving is some thing the fat slob Moore would never do since he hates this country and I think the feeling is mutual.
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Obama: President of France

Patricio2 Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 9:29 AM
I want obama to move to France and join that country's population because their sick minds will get along just fine.
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The Dark Urges Of Chris Kyle's Haters

Patricio2 Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 9:22 AM
You have to realize the "people" in Hollywood live in a make believe world. They read the words others have written and basically leave real life to live in that "make believe " world. They are a cartoon of life. As far as I am concern those people are as warped as any other nut. They can not understand their right to perform in their little world has been permitted by the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifices that provided that freedom. They are as phony as the characters they portray. Also they are too dumb to realize they should thank instead of insult the protectors of our nation that allow them to live free in our great country. I feel sorry for those Hollywood idiots for their failure to recognize how and why we have the freedoms we enjoy. When you consider they were part of electing the Communist Muslim, another phony, we have in the white house you can understand just how perverted these people really are.
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