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Question for the anti American scumbag ambulance chaser who complained. Where in the constitution does it say a cross can not be on a helmet?
He statement "we follow the law when we can" should include: but we break it whenever possible and then lie about it because we know obama and holder will cover our butts.
He was rejected because he did not meet the "standards" of those clubs contacted. It is OK obama your crooked pal cuomo will make sure their operations are investigated and your cronies at the IRS will go after their books. That is how crooked politicians work.
Is anybody surprised???? After all this is typical for the CPOA-Communist Party of America, er uh I mean the democrat party.
I have a feeling that harry reid and his son are going to make millions for putting this deal together. That alone makes me nervous and suspicious of payoffs.
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Journalists in Screech Advocacy Mode

Patricio2 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 5:11 PM
I believe geraldo and matthews both graduated from DUMBBELL UNIVERSITY, am I right? Both of these village idiots are poor excuses as examples of the human race.
Good for Sheriff Hutchens because there are places in Orange County that are too dangerous to go to EVEN WITH A WEAPON.
The age of the shooter was not the problem. The whole situation was doomed from the start. The parents allowed the child to become familiar with a firearm (no problem there) with an instructor that led them to believe he was duly qualified for the task at hand. Therein lies the problem. It was his responsibility to determine that his "student" was qualified for the activity and then proceed in a safe manner. I was an instructor in the military, law enforcement and a hunter safety instructor plus a competitive shooter for decades. One thing an INSTRUCTOR never does is allow ANY shooter to use a weapon beyond their ability. This one did. The child was not familiar with the weapon and firing "one test round" before going full auto is stupid at best. My children began "gun safety" at about 3-4 years of age. No, I did not say they started shooting at that age but each began when they were ready, willing and able. My wife has even fired an automatic but only after proper instruction. The parents were obviously comfortable with the instructor's credentials and maybe those credentials were false. That is for the courts to decide. The problem is the child in this case will always remember this incident and I am sure will affect her forever. After all this was a preventable accident. If you go to YouTube you can find many videos displaying shooters operating weapons they should not be allowed to use. The spectators in the videos think it is funny to see people losing control of the weapons as they squeeze the triggers. I DON'T. People can be seriously injured and or killed while giving the spectators a reason to laugh. Would you put your friends, girlfriend or spouse in control of an Indy race car so you can watch them crash and burn for the benefit of a laugh? Would you hand them a stick of TNT with a lit fuse so you can laugh at their reaction? These problem begins with the morons behind the camera but usually they are not the ones injured. Doing almost anything can be dangerous. The goal is to do things in a safe manner. Those of us who have witnessed people injured or killed do not willingly engaged in dangerous activities without caution. Crossing the street, driving a vehicle or skydiving are dangerous activities and should be practiced with common sense. That is why we have instructors and students. May God Bless the families affected by this tragedy and I pray the young lady can handle the pain in the years to come.
It is difficult for a person such as DWS to defend the actions of the new Communist Party of America. CPOA. You have a person like her trying to displace joe biden as the Village Idiot. I am sure it is a tie.
I know one department where applicants who failed the written entrance exam had to wait 6 months before being allowed to try again. A Black applicant was allowed to retake the test after 6 WEEKS. Even then this college graduate failed and was allowed to retake it until he passed. I think he must of had it memorized because it took 4 or 5 tries before he passed. (affirmative action????) He lasted a couple of years and he was allowed to resign to avoid prosecution for the harassment of female citizens when he tried to hustle them for dates while on duty and in uniform.
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