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Well also consider Obama does not like the term "terrorist" for anyone that is not associated with a red state or tea party. That is most likely, to be assured not to hurt his friends and associates, the likes of the Dorns, Ayers, and the new black pussycats.
Maybe past time for THOSE pitch forks .. or would that be our guns? Why so scared Democrats?
I second that or make that the millionth...? Is that a word.. early and not enough coffee yet!
As I have stated before. I pray those that are in the know, with the power and network are working and doing all they possibly can, to preserve this nation from the OBVIOUS enemy within.
--"is the demand for illegal drugs in the United States." -- He should know! and this.. --""Most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States."-- He and HOLDER should know that a percentage maybe from America, but most came directly from Holder's INjustice department. --"common-sense reforms that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people"- Like Mexico? They have the same war on their hands as Chicago does.
Not just Mexico. Well then you get it, they do not care about their own so WHY on earth do we need to be saddled with nationals that outwardly claim allegiance to another country. Aid and trade why not sanctions where is the UN about Mexican civil rights in MEXICO..
When they march on cinco de mayo they claim 33 million strong.. so yeah. The numbers are way off. but what does anyone expect. Where on the numbers on the costs of this?? anyone see anything. Because they are in denial it will cost America. No more "aid" to countries MEXICO comes to mind for aiding who and what? Bill the country of origin, they remain nationals and see how fast those people are demanded to return and how fast places like MEXICO seal their borders.
This piece of welfare for illegals from whatever country is nothing but a hefty high price passed onto the backs of the few remaining employed who actually contribute to the federal budget, outside of city, state and federal payrolls. Where is the CBO score of this costs that will totally bankrupt America? Simple fix illegal immigration introduce and fight for a bill that bills the country of origin for thier nationals here that require any needs. See how fast others seal up THEIR border. Lets start by calling those countries out on being immoral, uncaring racists who do not care about the plight of the poor in their own midst. Pass legislation that TRULY fixes the illegal invasion. All costs picked up by their country.
They doth protest the insane, because MOST liberals are INSANE! You have to have something wrong with you beside not an ounce of moral ethics to be such pathological liars.
Bravo, and thank you! This was the icing on the top! "The world, Mr. Pet Detective, could use a few more "heartless mother----ers" like Heston."
Umm maybe they could for one minute consider there EXIST very few Jobs "left" to lose. America is running on empty!
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