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Great article about Che.. ughhhh.
Too bad Kyle had not lived as we don't know his complete side. Seems to me a trial absent *the ACCUSED defendant is a mockery of justice. Because defaming Jesse happened Way before Kyle. He did that quite well on his own. Choke on it Jesse
If we are to take the GOP credibly . Shouldn't "they" be calling for him to resign. No confidence votes. Total lack of legal authority for most of his unconstitutional actions.
To gage his total disapproval, the question should be: Do you think Obama should resign? But then again no-one would expect him to ever to do the Honorable thing.
Sorry my laptop is making my text go everywhere even lost at times :{
Well If he is "only" going after the Obamacare Exemptions. He looks like a hypocrite. Isn't his spiel about the Tyrant picking which laws to follow?Not just the laws the leader doesn't like? Where is the rest? What about the hot issue illegals getting passes, about stopping enforcement detainment and the dreamer act??? So this is a fool looking like he was taking out ot the shed.. because I never saw such a man pretending to be one. I have news for you Boehner. Your a pickin fwhich laws you
One of The administrations liars ( it was a few low level employees who went rogue), wanted to assume others were liars too! Just like Reid! Go after those acting against the laws (American Rancher, Bundy). But backs Illegals!
He has "US" on ignore.
Obama &c have gotten away with murders, destruction of the country and policies that gave safe haven and funds to crooked banks, businesses and political allies. Allowing the demise of the middle class and securing no opportunity to the lower classes. Now all those passes has every industry crying in their soup about all that the fraud created. The GOP blew it. They should have hit the ground running and never let up on everything this fraud did. Now it is commonplace to ignore. and obfuscate. it worked then, and is working now.
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