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Cultural Deviancy, Not Guns

Patricia664 Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 10:00 AM
If only everyone could be made safe from violence by the banishment of guns! But the issue is not gun control. The issue is society’s refusal to make value judgments: there is no longer any right or wrong, good or bad, and certainly no God or Satan. But God is real, the moral choices we face are real and the personification of evil, the devil, lives and walks the earth. As a result, life is cheap. May we as a society repudiate evil and return to the view of life as sacred and inviolable.

There's a story told about a Paris chief of police who was called to a department store to stop a burglary in progress. Upon his arrival, he reconnoitered the situation and ordered his men to surround the entrances of the building next door. When questioned about his actions, he replied that he didn't have enough men to cover the department store's many entrances but he did have enough for the building next door. Let's see whether there are similarities between his strategy and today's gun control strategy.

Last year, Chicago had 512 homicides; Detroit had 411; Philadelphia had 331; and Baltimore...