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It is time to move on. McConnell needs to retire or be voted out of office. He is 72 and his term will end when he is approaching 80! Will he be brought into the Senate chambers on a stretcher to vote or will he be so dysfunctional that he will vote from a nursing home?
White should be offered a new job immediately! How totally refreshing to have an honest employee in the DC government! I simply am overwhelmed.
She is an embarrassment to all Americans and to Black Americans in particular.
America is no longer a free country! Can you imagine being a foreigner and visiting Yellowstone National Park and LOCKED in your room!
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Boom: Brown: 49, Warren: 44

Patricia428 Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 9:38 PM
Warren should crawl back into her Havard Den. She lies, cheats and has used her "heritage" to advance her career.
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