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Obama's comment is so ridiculous it is more than just pathetic! Comparing a product you can CHOOSE to buy and then if it does not work as expected or has problems you can RETURN it! Do we have the same choice(s) with Obamacare?? Oh, of course we don't have that CHOICE! I thought they were all for CHOICE, like with abortion.
Oh, yeah, great one!
It is also possible to drink too much water. But, of course, she won't consider that thought because she knows best!
It is called population control. And why only women, check Islam, which gender means nothing? You guessed it women! And Obama is Christian, in a pigs eye!
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Geithner Goes Over the Edge

Patricia2 Wrote: Apr 28, 2012 12:04 PM
Geithner should have been prosecuted for tax evasion not put incharge of the Treasury of the US of A. It should have been a no brainer - you can't do your own taxes, with or without use of an accountant, without messingup big time so you are not eligible to be Secretary of the Treasury!
Oh so true. They want to tell you how to live but they don't have to live by their on words. It is the old, "Do as I say, not as I do." We really do need that 28th amendment to the Constitution - Congress shall make no law that applies to the people and does not apply to them. Nor shall Congress make any law which applies to them and not the people.
Of course the DFL leader would be this way, afterall, it was a DFL president that pulled back when bin-Laden was in the sites! This was before the 9/11 attacks! This president is just more left-wing liberal than Clinton was. He was pushed into a corner that he couldn't get out of any other way and "save face." Clinton could back off without losing anything, so he did. You are correct in stating a 'logical liberal' is an oxymoron, by the extra heavy on the moron.
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